12 October 2005

Poetry Challenge, Again

[Edit: A game for others: Please write me a poem/ditty/limerick using the words arduous, kindling and velociraptor. Double dare you!]

To my chagrin, and perhaps some other more worthy poets feel the same about this, I entered a second competition at Rollin Thunder and got another Honourable Mention, which I think equates to second place.


It even means that some nice people have surfed over here, presumably looking for more of the same.

I love poetry, but don't eat, breathe and sleep it. What is far more attractive to me is a game or a challenge, and the Splash Hall and Rollin Thunder poetry competitions (which go on very regularly) provide just that. I feel marginally guilty for being acknowledged again. Delighted, of course, but I am trying hard to deny that, as the two are directly proportional.

Honorable Mention
Rollin Thunder Poetry

It is at this point I should freely admit, before someone points it out anyway, that I don't 'do' real poetry, I just pick a beat and then rhyme stuff to it.
All this new style
(waterfall, splashing
that stuff;
is beyond me.

Yes I know, that's a wonderful example. I even forgot and used punctuation; very naughty. All I need now is William Shatner to reprise Cpt. Kirk, to read it 'just right'.

Anyhoo, in honour of this honour, if you catch my drift, I would like to wax poetical about something, but am out of ideas. Yes I am newly unemployed and BORED already, but that just adds to the determination to somehow occupy myself.

PLEASE play along:
Simply comment below, listing three words, as obscure and disparate as you wish.

That's it. That's all it takes. My job will then be to combine them as quickly as possible into a short and suitable rhyme that actually makes sense.

See HERE for the last time we played - it was fun, but far too long ago.


doris said...

Ha-ha! Welcome back :-)

Well done again..... and why don't you print your poem in your post? Still, it means we get to visit RT and read some other pieces.

Now, three words..... my son has been penning ditties this morning, much to my chagrin so, how about

cocaine, druggie and sheep

but I'd rather offer up:

tomorrow, traversed, truthfully

Pol said...

Try these....

Uranus, slimline and photo or photograph

Cheryl said...


When I traversed the kitchen floor
And headed for the exit door,
Truthfully I rather feared
That storming out was mad, or weird.

I'm broke and unemployed, and yet
I cannot muster sorrow.
I'll play my silly games today,
And look for work tomorrow.

OK VERY school years, but I'm rusty.

Need to have a coffee for the other set - thank you :-)

Angie said...

LOL that is very good! I have some words

circular dopamine shuttlecock

Can you do anything with those words?

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Cocaine, Druggie, Sheep

Uncle Dougie, what a druggie,
Disenchanted every one,
‘Til he went to live in care
With Aunty Mae, who's not all there

(She doted on the horrid man,
It seemed that both were having fun
As Aunty never saw that he -
The black sheep of the family -
Was just as bloody weird as she.)

But then she took to keeping house in honour of her guest
And evidently Mae, not Dougie, was the greater pest.
She thanked him for the scouring powder used to clean the drain
And died, when Dougie hit the roof for loss of his cocaine.

Aunty’s with the angels now
Which makes a pleasant change
(Off with the fairies anyway;
Not much to rearrange)
And Dougie’s learning plumbing in the prison on the hill
Which has given him a purpose, and has stopped him being ill.

The powers that be see industry and soon will let him go,
But he’s after Aunty’s U-bend
And his precious bag of snow.

Cheryl said...

Uranus, Slimline, Photograph

A friend of mine, lets call her Kat
Was quite ebulliently fat
Until she fell for Doctor Zee,
Professor of Astronomy,
Whom, gossip had it, much preferred
A rather thinner sort of bird.

And though they had begun to date
She set her mind to losing weight
And managed too, until he saw
The slimline shape of his amour.

Said Zee, that night “Oh glorious view,
Stay where you are my darling, do.”
They stood together on a hill;
The stars were twinkling, all was still.

She shut her eyes in blissful hope.
He pulled his pocket telescope
And as she waited all a fret,
She heard the words she’ll not forget;
“I saw Uranus, clear as day,
But then your hair blew in the way.”

Cheryl said...

Circular, Dopamine, Shuttlecock

Biosynthesise adrenaline
And feed it to your brain
Decarboxylate your dopa
And the thing that will remain

Is a chemical called dopamine,
A very handy tool
For it helps the nervous system
And is generally ‘cool’.

And if you love your trivia,
Another for your book
Is that shuttlecocks are circular,
Depending how you look.

doris said...

They are wonderful Cheryl. Really cracking!

The Tomorrow one was topical and great.

The cocaine one should be dedicated to Milt Bogs! Eh Milt?! I can imagine Benny Hill doing that one....

And you are in fine fettle with the Uranus one. Very funny!

And I loved the circular Dopamine one.... a la those singing doctors?

Thanks for the chuckle :-)

zilla said...

perfunctory, disenfranchised, circumnavigate.

I love it when you play games!

zilla said...

PS: Congratulations on your sultry, bluesy poem. I could hear the sax.

Cheryl said...

Zilla, After your wonderful comments, my effort, below, is sadly lacking. Perhaps BECAUSE of etc etc .
Yes that suits me - it's all your fault! I feel better now.

seriously - hit a wall on this one, so went silly instead.

Perfunctory, Disenfranchised, Circumnavigate.

If feeling disenfranchised,
Never beat around the bush.
(Circumnavigate the issues
And you’ll land upon your tush.)

Please try not to be perfunctory
When looking at your heart,
For woes are better out that in,
A spiritual fart.

doris said...

Ha-ha - so good. Made me laugh out loud. But I reckon for all the jollity you aren't far wrong!

Thanks for these diversions today - most welcomed :-)

doris said...

IF you have time for another, what about

E minor; drawers; mud

Cheryl said...

Dear Doris

Thank you. This is a long 'short one', because I had fun.

E Minor, Drawers, Mud

Every symbol you deploy
In any word you pen,
Has had an education for its role.
The Boarding School for letters
Turns the boys into the men,
To edify, the very lofty goal.

Once in the dim and distant past
Two Es arrived at school
The younger was a sensitive,
The older one a fool

And so one day E Major
(even though the two were blood)
Beat E Minor to an inky pulp
And threw him in the mud

“Eeh, I’ll ‘ex you, Minor,
You’ll be effed before you’re done”
Said the bully to his sorry little prey;
“I’ll shut you in a chest of drawers
And when I’ve had my fun
You’ll never be a letter, kid, no way!”

E Minor heard the chilling truth
And turning on his heel,
He ran as far as any could,
Whilst letting out a squeal
Of pitch so pure and mournful
Such as none had ever heard
That even the professors
Found themselves without a word.

Our little E was rescued
Though he was forever changed,
A better sound than any heard before.
So they started a Department
(Which E Major thought deranged
Until he too was asked to join the score)

And that’s the tale of how we came
To write our music down,
But for wistful melancholy, well,
E Minor wears the crown.

Angie said...


By way of saying thankyou I took you on up your dare!

There once was a charming velociraptor
In arduous search of a chiropractor
Kindling a sore back
The bones went crack
T'was the end for poor velociraptor.

zilla said...

arduous, kindling and velociraptor

Lazy 'Zilla resorts to a very bad Haiku:

Chewing flesh from bone's
Not arduous and leaves kindling

Well, what can I say? When I suck, I suck intensely.

bart said...

sorry cheryl, i'm going to be a complete dick this evening... ;-)

my three words...
- aardvark
- discombobulation
- owyougoinmateorright (australian slang)

lovely theme this... will be back tomorrow morning, need some crash time here, right now... zzzzz.....

Cheryl said...

Same here Bart - will save that one for the morning once the kids are in school!

fineartist said...

Cheryl, I love games.

Okay, if I am not too late here are my three words: dream, vision, commitment.

Luv and Peace, Lori

doris said...

I love your story of E Minor. Quite gripping and unexpected. I've read it quite a few times now! My musical knowledge is quite basic but I know love melodies in E Minor and you've just brought that aspect alive.

You are amazing! I tried for an odd collection of words but you win :-)

Milt Bogs said...

Despite what Doris might think, I really love Uranus Cheryl. Unfortunately I can't find the photograph. :(

Cheryl said...

Bart and fineartist
Having to save yours up - sorry. Wanted to play and was looking forward.

She Weevil said...

congrats on the honourable mention thingy. still fighting bureaucracy and laying carpets.

try orange, root-canal and mischief.

Axeman said...

Hi Milly Axeman here.

Never done this for a lonnnng time. So bear with me.

It has become such a ARDOUS life
Especially 15 years after
I don't think you ever met the wife

She says our love needs, well...
a bit more fondling
I say a stake
and a lot more KINDLING.