10 October 2005


Remember the hoo-ha over possible side effects of injecting the rich and the beautiful with stuff from monkey glands? Heard the recent fuss that human collagen in some injections is taken from Eastern capital punishment victims? It seems we are always crossing new lines and moral dilemnas in the search for beauty.

Not so sure this has anything to do with equine youthfulness as far as looks go, but I wonder what the effect on the horses will be if THIS turns out to be true.

They may, at least, be better off than the squirrels in Brixton, South London, who are reportedly very good at finding stashes hidden in the garden and are now addicted to crack. Apparently they follow in the pawpads of their brothers in Washington and New York, and I have to wonder whether this is a new example of the 100th Monkey or, err, squirrel. The jury is out until they are confirmed in Brighton, I think.

I wonder if they (or the similarly reported hash-munching house cats) go on to get the munchies, and if they do, whether they end up in the same sorry state as this Burmese Python (for some reason resident in Florida), who found his alligator lunch a little too much to digest.

Laugh at the silly animals, for sure, but I hear that some Minneapolis Firemen can be worse.

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