22 October 2005

Collective Nouns

My poor (new) friend Barnze. Oh my gosh, his Rogan Josh has gone right through like Vindaloo. Or something.

Owing to his defiantly punk status (and photo) I think I shall only ever refer to him in glowing terms and delicate phrases; dear boy.

Just to pee him off, you understand.

That said, courtesy of this nice young man (muahaha) I present you with THIS LINK to a page full of collective nouns.

I like (but would question) many of the ones relating to groups of people, ones such as:

A conjunction of grammarians
A worship of writers
A curse of painters (illusion, misbelieving)

Still, an obstruction of dons and an ambush of widows do rather fit my sense of humour.


zilla said...

That's a fun link! Bookmarked!

Barnze said...

Nice one..Good to see i inspired you to look at collectives..I to have bookmarked the link you posted!

bart said...

hehe... i still prefer "a confusion of minds" which seems to fit my situation admirably ;-)