25 October 2005

Free Association 142

I haven't played LunaNina's word association game for ages - mostly because Steve over at Wittering Heights normally beats me to it and I love his answers so much that I can't think of any of my own.

Strangely he has dissappeared this week, not seen him around for a bit and I hope all is OK. Hurry back, Steve!

So, its been a while, its also the middle of school half term holidays which is guaranteed to change the consistency of my brain from that of scrambled egg to fried, so here goes:

  1. Infiltration:: percolator. No, seriously, you put the coffee into the water via a filter, or vice versa, then its infiltrated.I think. I just have to work out which infiltrated which.
  2. Nice person:: Death by faint praise.
  3. Debt:: Onus, obligation, sword of Damacles, two steps back. Bad stuff. Usual.
  4. Settle down:: Stagnate. This involves visible widening of the hips on a woman and the gut on a man. Stop playing, vegetate, stop looking up and look down instead. I prefer the concept of moving forward with a purpose.
  5. Thomas:: Aquinas. In a time where joining the priesthood meant signing up for a good job and an education (private school) he met radical thought at university and ran off to join a new religious breakaway cult, the Dominicans, so he could do things like reassess scientific and philosophical principles and rave about Aristotle. Mummy and Daddy were very upset. They had shipped him out to Naples Uni and then he gets all these ideas and joins an order that turns its back on material success and espouses poverty. Bet they were pissed. Kids, eh?
  6. Unforgivable:: What is forgiving? If its not exacting punishment, but leaving that to God, then nothing is humanly unforgiveable. Get made better, let Teacher sort it, go play with the nicer kids, and keep out of Johnny's way. That I can do - just. If its being able to drop the knot in the gut, the fear or the anger (which generally holds the act, rather than the person who made it, as primary) then I need to think. These things can go and then get triggered again, but thats called self preservation, not lack of forgiveness. Isn't it? Oh, help.
  7. Medicine:: A weird word for me. In the past I have had to explain drugs to very young kids as 'naughty medicine'. Naughty medicine makes a person feel lots better, but then its naughty because it makes them feel lots worse and be mean, after.
  8. A year from now:: F*ck knows.
  9. Neighbors:: Spelt like that it makes me think of the Aussie TV show. Which I don't watch (is it still on?)
  10. Dripping:: Two answers. England is dripping, we are saturated this week There is not a thing to touch outdoors that is not sodden, soaked, slithery; even upright plastics when the rain has paused. All is coated and steeped. Beef dripping (yuck, refined meat fats) on toast.

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