26 October 2005

Janet Jackson And The Secret Child

Gossip today is that Janet Jackson has a secret daughter, now aged eighteen, from her first marriage.

Hey guys, I have four secret children! Oops, my secret's out - well big deal. I seriously doubt there will be an invasion of papparazzi on my doorstep, hounding their every move, asking them personal questions about family and making sure they have a snowball's hope in hell of a normal life.

What exactly do the media mean by 'secret' anyway?

If the family closed ranks, if they all joined in some huge conspiracy to give one person a childhood, a choice; if they whisked one little one away from the fantasy world that surrounded and affected her Uncle Michael so severely, well then Hallelujah for that. Good for them and good for Janet, it must have been tough.

We all grew up as secret children, if secret means free to enjoy privacy, free to feel equal.

Of course there is always the possibility that the 'shock headlines' are being encouraged; that the family has endorsed the release of this information. It could be that, now she's 18, Miss Mini-Jackson fancies taking her own stab at stardom and that the family has engineered her grand entrance. I actually hope thats it - otherwise any plans she had for university or even for starting work at the local supermarket are pretty well scuppered, poor kid. Always assuming she really exists and isn't just another form of exposed breast.

Wouldn't that just speak volumes to the family mindset - exposing physical private parts doesn't renew the career or engender sympathy - lets try exposing something else. Dear God, no.

Time will tell.


doris said...

Good points Cheryl! (BTW I hadn't heard this bit of gossip - you obviously read all the right material for it!)

Sorry this is off-topic.... message for Aunty Whiplash! Jo on Inner Girl is having an etiquette dilemma and I was hoping you might be able to offer some advice?!

zilla said...

Heh-heh. Yeah ... I've got four kids -- that I KNOW of ;-)

Jeez - what next?

jane said...

I didn't realize the animosity I feel towards this family until I read your post. I've got no respect for them whatsoever. There is question to believe this story about the 'secret child' as they've given her year of birth as 1984 which is 3 years off, if she were actually 18. From the photograph of her that I saw, it looks like she wants the same limelight all the Jackson's want.

I'm glad the 'gloved one' is gone & off to Bahrain, where they will behead him if he so much as looks at a child cross-eyed. (at least I'm hoping)

In my opinion, this family has whored themselves out only to scream racism when he was on trial last year. He compared his 'sufferings' to Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King, Jr. They all make me sick.

I hope you don't mind that I've ranted.

Milt Bogs said...

Cheryl I refuse to recognise the existence of people who have no significance whatsoever. So just who is Janet Jackson? Incidentally, and I don't want it to go any further than this page, it's rumoured that Misty Beach has had a love child, Sandy. The father? Word out there on the web is that the father was, you got it, Lemuel Milton.

doris said...

And in the other corner to Jane, we have Doris standing the ground for Michaaaaaaaael Jaaaaackson .......
I too was appalled that he dared to draw comparison with Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. I was appalled when he did the crucifixion thing years ago at a British Music awards. There are other things I am appalled about regarding him, but otherwise I really feel he is misunderstood and misrepresented. The family has been so screwed up by itself and by circumstance. They are very tragic....

And I reserve judgement on the child abuse claims. MJ is a stupid twit for his naive behaviour but whether it is anything more than that, who knows?

As for his music - brilliance. And I still remember him as a cute little black kid. It is sad he has abused his body in that way and it is him that has to live with his face going splurge.

I reckon I could say the same for Janet Jackson .... and if she has a secret child than I reckon fantastic the kid has been kept out the limelight.... but not if it is the case that the kid has been sacrificed on the high alter of fame. As a family, they are compelled to keep sticking their neck out.... for us to keep chopping it off.

And I still haven't seen any of this Press on the subject.... !

Ding ding.... I will shut up now :-)

Cheryl said...

I see both sides!
Its difficult even with a normal life to work out where influence ends and personal responsibility begins.
God alone knows how many yes men surrounded him,telling him it was alright to do this or that.

Inherent conscience vs upbringing - a difficult one.

I was personally delighted when Jarvis Cocker pulled down his pants and did a moonie at those awards - MJ's attitude in that silly flipping song was so definitely whacko - a mere mortal would have been immediately consigned for counselling.

jane said...

Coming back for the fatal blow is JANE!
After so many allegations, it gets a bit sickening. He didn't pay $22 million because he did nothing. And then pay $2 million to someone else. And who knows who else?
Yes, he was a cute little black kid. I loved him. But haven't you noticed? He's WHITE!
I'm sick of their family. Maybe cuz I'm in California & we hear all their crud. For any of them to claim racism just infuriated me.
Okay, so who wants to let their kids have a sleep over at MJ's? Not I.

Ding ding....back to the other corner