15 October 2005

Removal Of Comments

I have gone down the front page and permanently deleted a couple of comments by one particular person - so completely 'gone' that it doesn't even say 'removed by admin' or whatever the phrase is.

I don't like to do this, but for the record:
  • I will not allow my comments section to be used for links to other people's business opportunities.
  • I will not converse with anyone who uses words such as 'darling' in a condescending manner or in the context of derogatory opinion.
  • Take the pee out of me all you like, but don't expect me to actually host your warped SOH.
I WILL accept disagreement and differences of opinion, gladly, but not derision or insult. Sadly this person was advised that they were being insulting and asked to refrain from commenting; to which they agreed, so in this case their comments will now be routinely removed irrespective of content.

Hope this clarifies.

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