25 October 2005

Requested Plug

I don't know what it is about me and Annies (or Carolines; or Jens it seems, recently.)

Some names call up a stereotype, usually from childhood experience. Vicky, for example makes me think of an ultra butch and defensive-aggressive girl I once knew. She had perfect, sleek hair in a perfect fringe (bangs?) and a perfect long, glossy ponytail - the ends were always exactly matched, straight lines everywhere, and I was in admiration of her hair. The face that stuck out from under it, however, was hard and untrusting, bitter and scathing, offhand and derogatory - at ten years old. Perhaps she had a particularly nasty childhood, but I still always think of Vickys as being a bit hard.

Annies and Carolines never factored in my junior years at all, even at Seniors I had mere brushes with such names - no wonderful or torturous experiences that would prejudice me for or against either moniker.

I've been adding up the Annies and Carolines in my life at the moment. There are several! All individuals, all good friends, almost all of which became friends online, originally under assumed names. I liked them before I knew what they were really called. Odd, huh?

One of the Annies is particularly odd. She has an extremely raunchy sense of humour, is another of my psychic/medium friends (yes I collect them too and in the same way - like first, find out after) and is also very technical and logical and good at IT stuff; she makes designing web pages sound like making a birthday cake on the kitchen table.

It doesn't seem right does it, her three main facets are such disparate traits that I wouldn't ever think of them combining into a single person.

To get to the point, she's started a blog, all though God alone knows what she'll do with it, and I don't mean that in a blasphemous way at all, I just mean it.

I honestly have no idea whether she will dispense raucous sex talk, high level hints on coding; HTML, XHTML, content management systems like XOOPS, PHP modules (and Annies definition of PHP is 'Its just HTML wrapped up a particular way'), or whether she will show her expertise at astrology, tarot and general chats with dead people. Possibly even all three, at once. Or something else entirely.

Who knows. The only thing I know is it's gonna be a ride, so, sorry to keep asking you to do this, but please, if you get a second, pop over to her brand new blog and say hi? The poor girl seems to think I am popular and that asking me for a plug will get her loads of initial traffic, so if you have a moment to comment there, you could set her straight..........


Milt Bogs said...

"main facets" and "disparate traits"! You're not exactly aiming at the Sun's readership here are you! :)
Incidentally... C. your right click protection only works on the main page . It doesn't work in the comment section when you choose "show original post". I could have cut and pasted the whole post.

Cheryl said...

Well now!
I didn't know my main blog was protected like that in the first place - which is why I added the creative commons licence.
One to tip Blogger.com, I think.

Am I being too posh wiv me words then? Oopsy.


doris said...

LOL I know what you mean about the name Vicky - I immediately think about ponytails and a fringe but not of butch. Don't know too much about Annies or Carolines or Jens! Just the odd one here or there.

LOL again ..... after all, it was you who gave me a wonderful knee up into the blogging world so of course a plug from you can do wonders :-)

And I'd be delighted to mosey on over and say hello :-) (Who needs to surf Blog Explosion when we have you feeding us new blogs!)

zilla said...

Knew a real bitch named Vicky once -- we fostered a Rhodesian Ridgeback in the '70s, spoiled her rotten, then she flunked out of leader dog school.

Love all of the versatile Annies I know - including my mom.

Just saying a quick hi before I go check out Annie's new blog.


fineartist said...

I'm all over it! Heeeeee.