21 October 2005


I am feeling the urge to write when there is nothing to say.

Does anyone else get that?

I am beyond the desire to pretend that I may be witty, or inspiring - way beyond an enthusiastic temptation to just plain grumble - I feel as creative as a house brick in the rain, have nothing of any consequence whatsoever bubbling to the surface, good or bad, yet I need to write.

Not just write, but blog.

Is that the first sign of an empty day? Of intellectual loneliness? Or is it just that communication in this particular form, the semi-anonymous spilling of guts, is addictive?

If that's the case - what do I see you as? Am I looking for counsellors, counterpoints, or for approval, a pat on the back?

Maybe you are just friends. Good, honest, sugar-free friends (fineartist is far from sugar-free today, poor girl, but that's not how I meant.)

Right, off to try and drum up enthusiasm to play hunt the kitchen tops and corners, a bit of unwelcome physical activity. What I'd rather be doing, on this wet, windy, miserable day, is blogging. Ideally shelling out sparkling wit or crystal memories; funnies or inspired reactions to other people's posts.

Tough, huh. Maybe I need a blog 'about' something, something based on more research and less freedom. No, on second thoughts, maybe I simply need to go clean that kitchen, before the shivering garden wildlife decides it would be nicer to move right in.

I think it's going to be an insulated sort of day.


Ally said...

Me too ... I've got a bit of a list of stuff to plough through, but it's so grim that I really want another 'crumpets and jam' day curled up under my blanket on the sofa, ministering to my PMS and hoping the builders won't bother me.

The house smells so badly of kitten that I've opened all the doors and windows to try to air through ... which has woken me up a bit ... but not much.

I am working on my 'first kiss' post :).

doris said...

Hmm. You have pulled out some excellent posts so it is in you. I wonder if at times like this you are trying too hard to be clever or witty or whatever. Just be. And if nothing that really grabs you comes to the fore then some physical work can't be beat!

See you later when the juices are flowing again :-)

Ms Mac said...

I have days like this too.... nearly every day in fact.

It's definitely the blogging which is addicitve. But if I didn't have "the blog" I know I'd never record anything for posterity.

zilla said...

I get it all the time! I get it so often that if I watered my living room carpet, it would sprout weeds.

I am currently:

-procrastinating posting office expenses & cutting reimbursement checks

-avoiding breakfast dishes

-resisting the urge to post about Beanpole missing yet another day of school because his diet is crap and he NEVER feels well.

I find all of your natural remedies-related posts and comments very interesting. They make me feel much less alienated from the world at large. Do your kids eat well? Does your family engage in battle over the menu? We didn't used to, but, alas, the joys of step-hood.


jane said...

Cheryl, I love your blog exactly as it is. I, for one, enjoy reading about your thoughts. Maybe that's what bonds us, that we can say what we want & yet, there are still people who come back the next day. I hope you always post exactly what you want or need to say. I enjoyed this post immensely.