25 October 2005


And botheration, and blast.

The Man On The Clapham Ambulance has just posted his most delightfully twisted and unnerving chapter so far.

I wanted to comment. I couldn't simply put "You swine!" - he would have taken the point, that I was berating him for a rollercoster ride with a brilliant twist (another type of ride actually, but you'll have to read it,) however others might have felt that I had believed the tale. No, eventually I settled on another one-liner - "Most disturbed." People could take that in any way they liked, whether they were inclined to believe his story or not.

Words prepared, I went to leave a comment.............. and found that he no longer accepts any! Oh No! The email address is no longer linked, although easy enough for anyone (human) to decipher, so I have to assume he fell foul of bots and spammers.

One really pleasing development - the posts are individually copyrighted which means that the delightful book that his blog really ought to become, may actually be edging into possibility or even reality.

I do hope so. I believe I baggsied a signed copy, aeons ago.

Here's that link again, because I know you are lovely and stayed to the end of my post.


bart said...

cheryl, this was so f*ing brilliant, so tragic, so sad and so well written that my comfortable, well-defined little world underwent a tremendous upheaval...

fineartist said...

WoW, that was a disturbing piece alright. Whew, from the sleeping with mother until he went off to college to yah the obvious…..counting the steps. Thanks Cheryl for the forward, I love twisted stuff!

easywriter said...

Gotta love twisted. Thanks for the link.