25 October 2005

Please Please Please!

A couple of days ago I joined BlogTopSites, a place that rates blogs on the number of visits and pageloads.

Once every so often they re-set the counters, which is wonderful, because if a blog stops attracting people (or just plain stops) then it doesn't sit up at the top of the list, waiting to have its stats overtaken.

We are a couple of hours into day one of a new cycle - there are 1,266 blogs registered as Personal, and just now I am at No 86 in the rankings!


I have no idea how long that will last, I doubt very long at all, because my UK hits come early in the US day - we are five hours ahead. I also know, comparing myself to others that I already link to, on other measuring systems, that my success has to be due in no small part to the limited number of blogs registered so far.

So what, its a gold star, a house point, and I like them!

Anyhoo - I thoroughly recommend joining - but if that's not your cup of tea then you could always just click on the button in my sidebar (looks like this:) and rate my blog? You could, couldn't you? Tell me in the comments if you do, and I will come over to your blog and sing your praises. Honest.

I'm having a 'tickled pink' moment.


doris said...

Wahey yer numbers changed..... no 67 it says now?

I posted a comment but it hasn't appeared yet.

Cheryl said...

Aww ty!!!!
You're my mate, you are....hic.

Ahem - v much appreciated - IOU!

Ms Mac said...

Tickled Pink suits you!

And you changed your pic, I like it!

fineartist said...

You know Cheryl a long time ago when I first stumbled into your portal, I had searched for number one blogs and yours and Bulb‘s came up on my search engine. I came in, read your posts, read your comments and have been addicted to you ever since.

Congrats on your rapid rise, I for one am NOT surprised.

She Weevil said...

Yeah - I like the pic too. I took one like thaT last week of my new haircut but can't find it now!!

No repeat photos this morning though: a decided case of bed head. I understand people pay good money for that look nowadays.

zilla said...

Now you're 88! And obviously rising. I clicked the link but couldn't figure out how the comments worked. Can you explain it as if I'm a four year-old?

You go girl!