19 October 2005

My Poor Soggy Kids

The kids walk themselves to school these days. We only started this five or six weeks ago, and it still involves me seeing them across the big main road, but after that they navigate the back roads on their own.

Son has been to visit senior schools over the last few days and I have taken him in late, after the meetings, so today it was a case of 'back to normal' with me kissing them goodbye at the crossing. He was none too pleased with that and wanted me to walk them all the way to school.

We kissed, we hugged and they waved goodbye as they turned the next corner. I turned to go back across the main road, to home, and the skies opened.

They've got good coats on, but no hats. I made it home looking like a drowned rat for the sake of less than five minutes walk. They, however, should be reaching the school gates at about the time I upload this.

I hope they think its fun - my poor, soggy littluns.


Annie said...

That brings back some memories. I used to have to walk a long way to school, in whatever weather. My boys have it a bit easier than I did. My youngest goes on a school bus, and my eldest gets a lift to school at least three times a week, although he always walks home. Hope your kids didn't get too soggy.

Growing Up said...

Coming from Northern Ireland were it rained nearly everyday even in the summer. Me and my siblings had to walk to school everyday because my mum couldn't afford to give us the bus money and it was a three mile round trip. But now i love walking in the rain and i love the smell of it.

doris said...

I bet you know that some children are so wrapped up in cotton wool they don't know what it is like to be rained on nor to have an empty tummy for a day.

Still, I too hope they thought it was fun and an experience and that any after effects such as colds don't last for too long :-)

Milt Bogs said...

I suggest an umbrella. The automatic collapsing variety preferably but any sort does the trick. Ones with sharp pointy ends can double as offensive or defensive weapons. Speaking of which - my allocated code letters ended in poxd. That's a bit cruel Cheryl.

Ms Mac said...

Awww, the poor little loves. At least they didn't have to walk uphill all the way, there and back, shoeless, in all types of weather.

Like I did! ;-)

Cheryl said...

Ms Mac
HOW do you walk uphill all the way, there AND back?
I am thinking really big pistons (under the house).

Eeh when I were a lad, we lived in't cardboard box.
I think you (and Milt) might like this classic:


fineartist said...

Aw you are such a tender hearted momma.

Ms Mac said...

Yes, I am laughing heartily over my cup of tea which has no milk or sugar or tea and is not in a cup, just a rolled up bit of newspaper!