27 October 2005

What a Difference a Day Makes

Gone from being flouncy Flora to feeling more like the Oomibumbum bird.

There are two facts I know about that particular species - one is that it can soar like an eagle but has very short legs and a tendency towards severe friction burns on landing. That fits.

The other is that it suffers a terrible fate when the moon is in the wrong place - being consumed by an urge to fly backwards to enjoy the view, in ever faster and smaller circles, until it dissappears, pthwack, up it's own jacksy.

Don't even bother telling me which is most relevant. At least I didn't lay an egg!


zilla said...


what means this?

Cheryl, what's up? Have you been into the cooking sherry?

fineartist said...

I’m glad to read that you aren’t laying eggs, but doesn’t nesting sound fun….in a house of course, with blankets instead of straw, mud and pieces of hair…and lots of baby birds screeching with their mouths open to be fed…Wait, that’s what my men looked like when I came home from parent teacher conferences, baby birds waiting to be fed. Well I suppose I should clean up the mess that my birds left.

fineartist said...

Happy marriage too, with it being your anniversary and all. xxxLori

Cheryl said...

Erm thats embarrassing - I was trying to forget it / defer it to payday and he got the day wrong! But thanks :-)

Cheryl said...

Ooh Zilla
19c UK (cockney?) slang for a backside.

jane said...

Cheryl, do you want to be a bird? Or think you're a bird? caw caw
I do like the characteristics of that bird, but the name, oh my! Oomibumbum, omgosh you should make a poem with that in mind. Did you find a picture of it?
The moon thing & flying backwards...I'd like to see the birds try that. And if you happen to try that Cheryl, please have it videotaped. :)

Marie said...

Well look at that!

Happy weekend from another flappy bird... here from Michele's...