14 October 2005

The Bog's Dollocks

Sorry to interrupt my self-involved wailings about once upon a time, but Milt has posted a very informative and hysterically funny piece on the replacement testicles available for pets - various sizes for dogs, huge ones for bulls and apparently several different compositions depending on how real you want them to feel. Sorry, how real you imagine your animal would want them to feel. Or something.

I swiped this image from Milt's post because he ends by commenting on dog condoms. The ultimate treat for overindulged pets I guess - now man's best friend can keep his nads AND have his oats, but only if you are there to position the little raincoat.

The thing that got me is the small print - these damn canine condoms come meat scented!

Is doggy position not good enough? Are pampered pooches now to hope that their amour may want to turn round? Or are the manufacturers trying to do themselves out of business through, ahem, loss of members?


Milt Bogs said...

I gather they had to recall the meat scented ones. Too many dogs were eating them and getting blockages. Either that or the condoms were rendered totally useless by fang puncture holes. Ready wrapped dogdoo could catch on though.

Thanks for the dishonourable mention. You are an absolute brick Cheryl.:)

doris said...

Ummmm... I think meat scented for humans might be a tad more pleasant than the nasty flavours we get LOL

Anyway, being a non-pet-type person, the thought of being there at the right moment and fitting the item is a tad disgusting!

jane said...

Are they saying that there's such things as canine blowjobs? Wouldn't want to pass along a STD, but still want that finger lickin' good taste! mmmm Tasty!

(this was a good laugh!)

Sam Freedom said...
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fineartist said...

Ewww Sam. Definitely more information than we needed.

Cheryl you, you crack me up. "Amour might want to turn around." Heeeee.