31 October 2005

Why A Weekend With Michele Is Good For Your Blog

Do you belong to any blogsurfing sites?

Do you sit there, clicking through other people's blogs at 20 or 30 seconds per screen, just to get others to visit you the same way?

Visitor numbers are all very well, but wouldn't you like to increase reader numbers, instead?

Lets face it - you have to have a pretty snappy, professional blog to attract someone's eye and pull them in to read, when they are just surfing through.

This is where Michele comes in.

Every weekend, Michele hosts a weekend Meet And Greet and the concept is beautifully simple. You comment on that post and visit the commenter before you. The rules are that you comment there also, leaving at least a "Hello, Michele sent me". You can go back in and play again as many times as you like, over the whole weekend.

The thing is, if that's all you do, or rather all you say; if you fail to enter into the spirit of the thing and actually make a comment that proves you read the post, then you may not find so many people willing to reciprocate next time they see your name on the list and you almost certainly won't find them making a courtesy return visit to thank you for the comment.

Yes, OK, at its most basic, you read someones blog and someone else reads yours, but the operative word is read. No flicking past, no watching the counter drop to zero; they actually read a whole post and comment on it.

Sometimes they like what they find. Then they come back.

And thats priceless.


jane said...

So that's what it's all about...I go to Michele's but just visit the person above me. I've never gone back. Im going to have to try that this coming weekend.
You know you can also google search blogs if you want to find others on subjects you like to read about.
And there was one other thought, but as usual, I forgot it.

bart said...

its a nice approach... i'll try it soon, but just need to get through a bit of the backlog here at the moment... you know, like too much to want to read and get done and so little time for anything else, like writing something sensible :P

Le laquet said...

See I do that and then someone comes along and just says "hello from Michelle" and that makes me want to say "bog off and dont bother!"