11 October 2005

Never Let Me Go

Friend is a serious fan of the book Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro which, to their annoyance, failed to win the Booker Prize the other day.

I asked said Friend (anonymous by request) why they never became an actor.

"Aha," says Friend, "there's a wonderful line in the book about that" and in response to my confused gaze, continued; "She says to her class, 'None of you will ever be actors, and none of you will ever go to Hollywood. And no, none of you will ever go to work in a supermarket, as I heard you discussing earlier.' And then she lets them have the awful truth."

Swine, evil rotten Friend, aware of my weakness for a good hook, like some retarded Carp. I am so glad this book has been ordered for me at the local library, because I am anxious and curious to know what happens, now.

NO DO NOT TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really, really want to read the whole book myself and get to any twists and turns in their proper place. I want the whole ride. So no comments, please, I would be too scared to open them; but hooked..........


bart said...

ok, i'll spare you then... but then again, i haven't read it either... bwahahaha... (sorry, feeling silly...)

doris said...

I'm one of the ignorant masses - so do tell when you are done :-)