03 October 2005

Seaford Bus Gets Parking Ticket At The Bus Stop

There are just two local bus services in this little town, that run in small circles all day, from the coast (and shops), up the foothills of the Sussex Downs to the residential areas at the back.

Town is, of course, the end of the line and on every single circuit there are five or six minutes between the bus arriving outside our lone supermarket and departing once again. Often the entire time (plus a bit) used to be taken up with shoppers heaving themselves and their bags into position.

Since the bus fares went up, a few more people have turned to sharing taxis, particularly when, for most runs home, the price of a taxi is just less than the price of two bus tickets, but this hasnt affected things that much. The route takes about a half hour, round trip, so the waiting time is built in.

Today a (new?) Traffic Warden witnessed Terry, our bus driver, pull into the bus space behind the taxi bay outside the supermarket and remain stationary for the requisite* two minutes, at which point he/she gave him a ticket. Yes folks, the local traffic warden gave the local bus a ticket. Terry has been told by the aforementioned super-zealot in uniform that the bus bay is for dropping off and picking up only and so he is not allowed to sit there with the engine running until the time that the bus timetable says he should leave. Not even when (as was the case) he is about to do the last run of the day, so anyone arriving on time for the bus, would have missed it.

All the taxi drivers are laughing; the news is going around like wildfire, and he and his bus made their way around the back streets of this town to the tune of honking taxi horns and shouts of "Naughty boy, Terry!"

Jimmy Perry would be so proud. (This town is (was used as) Walmington)

*I believe that UK Traffic wardens have to observe a vehicle breaking a law for a full 120 seconds before writing out a ticket. The TW must have had a stopwatch out as soon as the bus pulled up. Plonker.


Growing Up said...

Traffic Wardens are right wankers, I'm sure when they are in their cars they don't play by the rules.

Milt Bogs said...

Traffic wardens no longer exist in Bogsville, thanks to the latest cost cutting exercise. You can park where you like and for as long as you like because there don't seem to be any police either. Sounds to me like Terry deserves a pat on the back or an O.B.E. even.
I've had to pop over here to get away from two guys having an argument courtesy of my comments. I thought it was my page. :(

Shannon said...

Here I thought the fighting was because of me and my big mouth lol.

It's okay to come over Cheryl, just make sure to wear protective gear.

Milt, if I were you I'd get a protective cup lest the family jewels get endangered!

Ms Mac said...

Oh dear. Traffic Wardens don't endear themselves to anyone with behavuour like that!

Dan said...

The exact same thing happened here in Manchester a not so long ago (actually, just found the story on the MEN web site and I'm staggered to find that it was nearly three years ago! Blimey, my whole life is disappearing before my very eyes!). Anyway, it's not the first time and it probably won't be the last either.


Sam Freedom said...

There's nothing to really say. The warden needs to be committed to a facility of some kind, fast!


Annie said...

I hear that two of our local TW's are in hospital. I wonder whether it's illness, or GBH from drivers? They never seem to be in the road on my way into town, which often has lorries driving half on the pavement because of illegally parked cars. I hate the jobsworth attitude that seems to often come with the unfirm.

fineartist said...

Maybe this traffic cop will mellow with experience.

Annie said...

I meant uniform rather than unfirm!

zilla said...

I guess I don't understand what exactly the bus driver is expected to do -- drive in circles around the bus stop until the clock agrees that it's time for him to be there?

It's not even the the end of the month; the traffic cops shouldn't be writing any stupid citations until they're good and worried about not bringing in their monthly quota.

doris said...

LOL - for real! Total burearacracy (sp?!) gone mad!

Dak-Ind said...

LMAO!! this about the funniest thing i have read all day. i thought our traffic police were wonky!