24 May 2007


Blog all gone bye-byes.

Bye-bye blog.

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10 May 2007

Cough Cough

Either smoking or drinking triples your chance of throat cancer.

Ouch. Thats bad enough for me. You?

Funny, now that Gardasil is in the news, with America discussing whether to innoculate all the girls, it suddenly seems that HPV (Human Papillo Virus) has so much more to answer for.

There is now serious discussion about administering the vaccination to males also, although this development has nothing at all to do with recognition of appalling sexism and double standards.

The reason?

It seems that performing oral sex on five partners or more in a lifetime gives you a 250% increased risk of throat cancer.

Analysis also revealed that people who had prior infection with HPV were 32 times as likely to have throat cancer as those with no evidence of ever having the virus, and those who tested positive for a particularly aggressive strain of the virus, called HPV-16, were 58 times more likely to have throat cancer.

Oh lovely. I think someone should tell the UK youth, quick.

08 May 2007

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