10 October 2005

The Blooker Prize!

The Times ran an article today on the new Blooker Prize.

The Blooker Prize is specifically a competition for printed books (including self published efforts) borne directly out of a blog, whether as a straight conversion, or an extension.

The Times mentions a central core of some 109 titles, however the award originators, the online self publishing site Lulu.com, are accepting entries up to a deadline in January 2006. First prize is worth $2,000.

The full details are HERE.

If your masterpiece suffers from lack of exposure, this could be a wonderful opportunity.


jane said...

I could see your story about Ruby Van Winkle being a book with illustrations.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Jane!
I couldn't. Yes its a tale, but I am blind to how to pad it out to even a proper short story.

doris said...

Thanks for the tip-off. Sounds very interesting.

I only hope that this sort of thing is not confined to the likes of the "A" bloggers. There is so much great stuff written out there on blogs that is not seen by many people.

And is someone compiling an anthology of posts from different blogs? That would make a great bath time read :-)

doris said...

The Lulu self-publishing service (on the links you gave) is very interesting. And very good rates if you are only in it for vanity publishing! They only take 25% of your Royalty fees. The customer has to pay the book cost which includes the costs for publishing (goes direct to Lulu) and an element for Royalties that you determine of which 25% goes to Lulu. Now that didn't sound too complicated ;-)