09 October 2005

A Quick Thank You

At some point I am going to move an earlier post back to the top, because all feedback is good feedback and I am grateful for it.

So far I need to thank those that threw in their tuppence worth already.

For some wonderful reason I got a plug from a very beautiful knitting blog! I do not knit, and yes I can hear my old Welsh granny gnashing her false teeth and clicking her needles at me from the other side, for that little oversight. I DID do bobbin lace, and would like to again - very therapeutic, channelling the fiddle-faddle to ones fingertips; clicking, tapping, crossing and bashing these little bobbins into a beautiful pattern almost on auto pilot - conscious in the house, subconscious doing lace. I now need to replace things such as brass pins and my lacework pad, but also need at some point to get glasses for close work.

There is no such thing as serendipity, although for propriety's sake I refer to it often. Some people see ghosts and guides, or have a clear idea of what God or the powers that be are up to in their lives. I do tend to be party to happy accidents quite a lot, but the joke is that if I have any guiding hand, its somewhere up my backside using me like a glove puppet. I hope that Anne of the 100 Monkeys doesn't feel like that (or does, depending on what pleases), but her comment here was perfectly timed.

Anne - sorry I got my microcosm and macrocosm mixed up - doh, although you could argue that the big picture doesn't really exist, unless you mean lots of the little picture in the first place. What we perceive as the big world involves, as the Waterboys would have it, seeing the crescent rather than the whole of the moon. The outline rather than the content.

OK its at this point I realise that my brain has remembered it is Sunday and has shut down in protest. Having a mouth that works with or without mental input/control can be fun. Confusing, and it can make people very gently 'step away from the mad woman', but still fun.

So, Anne - THANK YOU for feeding my stagnant brain with a puzzle to go play with.

FineArtist - WOW - your analysis is an honour, I am so, so pleased to be seen that way. Nothing would make me happier than to officially and publicly make a living out of being a people-mender. I used to think that was childhood ego trying to turn me into a monster-come-cult-leader, fantasist or out and out loony. Having someone else say I have a talent for it ergo its not all an unstable craving for the spotlight is, um, well I run out of words.

And you know THAT takes some doing.

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