24 June 2005

Poetry Challenge - Play Along

I had real fun playing poetry challenge last time.

Could we do it again please? As before, please leave me three disparate words in the comments box and I'll try to write a rhyme around them as quickly as possible. My favourite will get posted here.

Would you like to play? Just choose someone else's set of three words from the comments and post your rhyme/free verse in there too. It would be fun if you could say how long it took you to do.

Heres three to set the ball rolling: quizzical, cornfed, boots

Can't wait to be challenged, nor to see what others come up with!


doris said...

This sounds fun! I'd love to join in and write my own - meanwhile, here are three words:


Pol said...

mmm try these on for size ... bet ya a cuppa ya can't do anything with these




This could be very interesting

doris said...

What about this one for the first set of words?

It was my turn to look quizzical
At the chicken in boots with the bottle of chemical
Said the chicken, "I'm cornfed"
"So I don't like this on my bread"
And off she went to play with her ball.

Sounds a bit laboured but was challenging and fun to try :-)

doris said...

That's hard Pol!!!

C'mon Cheryl ... wanna see yours :-)

Cheryl said...

What fancy thrills and wonderment,
I’ve matched the rhythm
Of antidisestablishent-
You are no angel, me no bard
The bastard word was bleeping hard
Though rough, tis done, and you may scoff
But as for me, I’m blogging off.

Hmmm - maybe not. Next?

Ally said...

relinquish, morphic, sultanas.

And I'm going away to tidy my office before I get sucked in to rhyming Doris' words .... :).

Ally said...

Erm, but not before visiting Michele - and being directed back here! Hello, Michele sent me!

Cheryl said...

Nice one Doris!

Heres my other two - one better than the other. Need more challenges now!

relinquish, morphic, sultanas

I met a lonely scientist, a lovely thoughtful man
The Universal Quantum Field, his joy.
He revered the holy holons and his morphic units too
And I thought of him as quite a charming boy.

His soul was young with passion though his body fell to age
Still I’d listen to him postulate for hours,
I’d relinquish every minute to observe and so to learn
His fascination for the unseen powers

One day I felt emboldened and I happened to remark
That the auric field must also, then, be fact
He looked at me with horror, with his disappointment plain
And corrected me with very little tact.

I’d lost my student status, he no longer saw a mind
That was fit to hold the treasures of his head
He started then to wonder, with his other rusty parts
If I might be hanging out for sex, instead.

He gently and quite shyly then suggested that we could
Go up the stairs for more experiment
He assured me he had had the snip, was clean and very safe
And would do his best recalling where things went,

But whether he had seedless grapes was not the issue here
It simply wasn’t my idea of fun.
I ended our relationship and ran away in fear
Before his old sultanas saw the sun.

Luscious, MSN, squiggle

If I should flirt with luscious men
They’d have to be poetic
And like to chat in MSN
And not be too pathetic
Nor overuse emoticons
Although it makes me giggle
That I’ve never used the roll of film
(Two brackets and a squiggle.)

kenju said...

I'm very impressed with your rhyming skills! Michele sent me.

Try this:


Star said...

Hi Cheryl. I am so impressed with your poetic talent! I especially enjoyed Lucious MSN Squiggle. I don't think I will have a go at my own , but here are 3 words for you to try:


chosen by randomly opening pages of my dictionary.

Cheryl said...

Okay, I'm beggining to flag. These took some head scratching but still came out like limericks cross bred with tongue twisters. Must be lunchtime!

Sorry Star and Kenju - the best I could do. Thanks for playing!

Occupational, dawn, scourge

Whether occupational or simply recreational,
Hazards are the scourge of ever day
But lawyers would encourage us to go to court and make a fuss
Of everything, from dawn to dusk – no way!

Borneo, Cadillac, ketchup

There is an ape in Borneo, that owns a Cadillac
He stole it from the Sultan of Brunei
By spoiling it with ketchup and then dragging it away,
But the rains will make it rusty, by and by.

anniebee said...


I'm in Cornwall by the way. Where did you think I was? I lived in Derby for a while. Love the poems!

ella m. said...

sapphires,lavish, caprice

Cheryl said...

Annie - guessed you were in Birmingham where the other end of the storm touched down, middle of last night. I guess this means theres a band going across and your end of it should have reached us in Sussex by now, if it was going to at all. Its like a pressure cooker here, hic, sob.
Still working on your words.

Ella - hows this?

sapphires,lavish, caprice

Capriciousness, a horrid vice, is seen by those with cash
As really quite desirable and proof of being flash.
Now Mrs moneybags was not the kind to have a brat
She much preferred her figure and considered that was that
But blackmailed by her husband, that the shopping sprees might cease,
She produced a mini Moneybags, and called the kid Caprice.

The nursery was lavish and no expense was spared,
And news of every purchase was effusively declared.
Caprice had every item that a child could never want
Like a teether set with sapphires and a marble christ’ning font
And later on the best of schools, yes everything was posh
And the line to wine and dine her owned a huge amount of dosh

But, I bless her heart, I really, do for nature must come out
And, Caprice by name and nature, fell in love with Lee the lout
A builder’s mate from Hartlepool – her parents cut them off
And now if you should see her, there’s no telling she’s a toff
But a mother in a council house (in Leeds, I think you’ll find)
At least, that is, until the day caprice will change her mind.

doris said...

Fantastic - I'm especially liking

relinquish, morphic, sultanas

That is brilliant and would love to adapt it because it reminds me of some real life people!!!

Here's my go at it.....

Twas plums we agree
As the sun doth shone
During their morphic journey.
Though water did dry
No sweetness did they relinquish
But sultanas are still yucky.

Can I try another one please? !

Cheryl said...

Go for it Doris!
It's fun, isn't it - how to be creative without starting with a blank page.
You manage the challenge with much fewer words than me - hats off to you!

Ally said...

Fantastic! Have you done all your cleaning and tidying, then? :)

doris said...

No! Don't be silly. Have you?! :-)

But I need to run some errands so back later.

Cheryl - I could do less words:

Let us relinquish, morphic, sultanas.


Should we lavish sapphires on caprice?

But it isn't as interesting as the stories you weave :-)

doris said...

I seem to have trouble going on my erands.... this bit caught my eye

"A builder’s mate from Hartlepool" LOL - how do you get the imagination Cheryl?!

Angie said...

There once was a horrible boy
With a short-sighted ploy
To squash a kumquat
Beneath teacher as she squat
Under the desk in search of her Apricot

Angie said...

Forgot to add 3 words! crush purse slippery

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea.

how about:




Monica C.

Cheryl said...

Hi Monica!
Thanks for the words - I have just spotted you post.
Its nearly midnight here now, but I look forward to having a go in the morning.

Skarr said...

Here are my three words :




Milt Bogs said...

My sympathies all lie with "Lee the lout
A builder’s mate from Hartlepool".

JusticeE.R. said...

I love poetry. Can anyone quess who wrote the following:

Break not, O woman's-heart, but still endure;
Break not, for thou art Royal, but endure,
Remembering all the beauty of that star
Which shone so close beside Thee that ye made
One light together, but has past and leaves
The Crown a lonely splendour.