12 June 2005

LunaNina's Free Association

I watch Radical Druid's blog.

I like him. His poetry is illuminating, too.

He and I could have an in-depth argument about life the universe and everything, and if I was in a really wicked mood I would suggest that the Celts and Druids are all Egyptian/Essene cross breeds because Cornwall was the Ends Of The Earth, and in Isaiah God said he had prepared the way for the word, at the ends of the earth. Course he had, we were half Egyptian, peopled by the god fearing magicians who did a runner last time there was a political coup. How d'you think we got the Ankh for crying out loud? Oh and explain the Ummin and Thummin and drawing short straws and the three wise men being Astrologer-astronomers if you don't like the word 'magic' used in conjunction with Judaic Christianity. Come to that, explain what the prophets were doing manifesting themselves up the hill from Gethsemane, all aglow in the middle of the night (and how they made it into the bible if all the disciples fell asleep.) Whats the ONLY difference between magic and a miracle? Authorship.

Oops, the soap box came out, didn't it. I love chucking real but strange possibilities into the mix, but do feel that American Druids are a little, erm, militant. They have to be - the bloody 'lets speed up Armageddon' dispensationalists have hijacked Christianity over there. False Prophets. America - 100 years from now, please God, your Christians will have a worse rap sheet than the Spanyards who spawned the Inquisition. Heck I mean I suspect you have that already, please God, it will come to light.

Well now - anyone still here is going to be confused. Thats Okay (sorry!) because here's the real point:

Every week Radical Druid does a list of word associations. I never got it. This week I DO get it because he referred to the place where he gets them from, LunaNina's site.

The idea of free association is that you or your psychiatrist look back over the words you chose, in response to trigger words, and this helps you (or your shrink) understand whats going on in your head. So, unless someone knows you really well, blogging your answers does nothing for anybody. If they DO know you well, however, I guess you risk inscrutible gazes and muttering of "Aaaah, that explains a lot......."

Anyhow. You don't want them, you probably won't relate to them, but here are mine. Trigger words by Nina, first-out-of-the-trap answers by me, sadly.

  1. Wally:: Gherkin
  2. Phantom:: Opera
  3. Slippery:: Untrustworthy
  4. Fungus:: The Bogeyman
  5. Slot: Penny
  6. Type:: cast
  7. Discharge:: Pus
  8. "We need to talk”:: Oh Shit
  9. On the spot:: Oh Shit
  10. Liquid:: Gloopy
Analyse that!


doris said...

1 and 8 are the most telling!

Wally:: Gherkin

All I can say is Why????

"We need to talk”:: Oh Shit

Oops. Sounds like you have had a lot of problems to deal with in your life and expect bad stuff any minute. Why couldn't the talk be about something good like a raise or a good idea? But no. Your immediate reaction is to think maybe, you have done something wrong and are about to be found out.


Stormwind said...

been "playing" Unconscious Mutterings for a while now... sometimes I post the first associations, and sometimes it is a combination of them plus links to things and sometimes i put hidden messages to friends (there are no rules to this meme). I guess a lot of folks had similar reactions to "We need to talk"... mine was 'uh.oh.'

I find the associations everyone else gives to be interesting, no matter if I know them or not. Yours were as well.

(Stormwind: Personal Tangents)

Steve said...

I am with Doris on this one Cheryl

Wally:: Gherkin
Why? I understand your associations with the rest but that one truly has me baffled and Fungus the bogeyman that just nade me lmao x

Cheryl said...

On the spot means unprepared. I HATE not knowing I am certain to give a professional 'whatever it is'. Bit of a perfectionist.
"We need to talk", as words coming out of the mouth of someone who, obviously, already IS talking, is code for "I have something awkward/private to say". Say it and be done, but don't make wait, wondering how I will be required to tiptoe round your issues!
Hope this clarifies :-)

Cheryl said...

P.S. Go into a London chip shop and ask for a wally. Its a pickled gherkin. Honest.