03 June 2005

OK so I'm slow

Michelle recently asked her readers what sort of funny search terms had led people to their blogs.

I have noticed people blogging about some of the bizarre strings that lead to their entries, but didn't have a clue how to go about that myself, except that finally, in Michelle's comments, someone mentioned they didn't have any examples because their stat counter was too new.

What does a dumb girl like me do faced with info like that? I rushed off to that commenter's blog, clicked through their counter and signed up for the same free service.

In two days I have had one REALLY bizarre search string "Outdoor Girl Shites". Not shits, you understand; shites. I am incredibly pleased to say that I wasn't on the first page of links, by a long shot.

What does surprise and honour me, is that someone found their way here by googling for Terri. They only found my very first post, not all the later ones with links to medical reports etc, but the honour is there because there are so many blogs that dedicated themselves to the subject of Terri Schindler Schiavo, yet by some fluke, I turn up on the search listings.

To that person - I had loads more to say. Give me an hour and I will cherry pick the links to all my posts and stick them into the Index, which is slowly but surely growing. Be aware though, that there are others who have reams of information on the subject - the best I have found are under their own heading in my list of blogs I like, low on the sidebar to the right of this, or I think I linked them as appropriate in my posts - so you will find links direct to the relevant entries.

Half an hour, OK? (God and kids willing.......... here I go)

Edit - Done. As far as this subject goes, its still a case of 'anything I can do to help....'


She Weevil said...

My worst or best depending on how your feel about it was a googgle search for zebra f***ing with some very dodgy links involving lovely stripey donkeys and other things too vulgar to mention which obviously I didn't follow but it happened three or four times.

bulb said...

Not too many people find my blog through a search engine, however the following terms led some stray perverts to my little literary hell:
1. Personality Disorder
2. Heineken
3. Drunk+Fuck+Sixteen
4. Drunk+Underage
5. Drunk+Virginity
6. Drunk+Fuck+Underage

Ok, I might drink a little from time to time, and I might get a little creative with the word "fuck" when the mood strikes me, but please.......
I'm a gentleman.

Ally said...

My finest moments so far have been:

1. "how to photocopy your bum"
2. "is ray mears married"
3. "massage parlour wales"
and, my personal favorite
4. "photocopy cocks"

bulb said...

Just came in:

"his penis was too small"

I have no idea how these quieries relate to my blog. But it rakes in visitors anyway.