10 June 2005

What Item of Furniture Are You?

That's Doris' quiz, not mine, but please, hussle on over there and add your thoughts.

For a woman who only started her blog today, she is certainly racing ahead, but then dear Doris always was fast and forward, you know. Aunty Whiplash says they were both due to go to finishing school together, except Doris came, finished and went again before term really started. Hey Ho.

I tried to come up with an answer but can't get my mind away from the tag my darling husband gave me during the first flush of our enduring romance, may he be forever blessed.

I made it rhyme, once, so dug it back out for you. (Why am I sharing this? Must be having one of my funny turns again.........)

A Perfect Fit

My darling once, in stilted tones, confessed his love to me.
His blushing face and awkward stance proclaimed sincerity.
He said that he had searched the world for such a perfect fit
And spoke of how he marvelled and rejoiced, that I was it.

Said he: "It is as though I had been searching every street
Looking for a pair of shoes to fit my smelly feet.
All shiny, new and beautiful, but none of them would do.
They squeaked or split or blistered me, but finally there's you"

He may not be poetic but I wouldn't change a word
This was the most romantic thing that I had ever heard,
Yet, noticing that I was very touched and all a flutter,
He found himself emboldened and continued, then, to utter:

"Yes, after having tried them all, when I was quite forlorn,
There in a dusty cupboard were some slippers, old and worn,
But heaven to my blisters, were these comfy lumps of cloth.
You're my darling tatty slippers and I'll never take you off."


doris said...

My dear Cheryl - you are most delightful! I love your description of us at finishing school and fear you might be spot on as far as I am concerned. I can just see it now, us as teenagers and you are impish and scheming the next misadventure. Cheering each other on to push the boundaries.

As for hubby dearest and the comfortable slippers. Ultimately that is the best and heartfelt, but oh to be fluffy pink sling-backs!

And hugest thanks for the plug and the links :-)

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

Bloody spammers.

Oi Doris mate theres three of us here, me, MB and aunty. I hate to get particular about my multiple personalities, but I manage to treat your ego and alter ego with the respect they deserve!
ROFL :-)

Julie said...

I loved your verse! :) Michele sent me and I'm surprised it's the first time I've been here!
Hope you have a great weekend...


frankthebunny said...

Heyyyy, I've been here before! Loved your blog then and love it now!

Michele sent me :)

Adrian said...

Good Afternoon Cheryl - I was sent by the lady whose name begins with M!

(Oh and we both read Ally's Blog, Ducking for apples, so there is a coincidence.

Ivy said...

Absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad I found your blog.. I was sent by Michele, she says Hi!

Badaunt said...

I love the poem.