13 June 2005


Feeling decidedly poetic today.

Sadly short of a topic. I would be very grateful for some inspiration!

Please leave a comment and include three words (pref verbs and adjectives) so I have a starting point!

Will try and do them all (always assuming I get more than one comment) and will post the one I like the most.

PLEASE? Thank you!


anniebee said...

Um, how about:-
verb - to think
adjectives - pretty & ugly
I hope I've got that right. Either they didn't teach us grammar at school, or I fell asleep in that lesson! Ironic since it was a 'grammar' school! Have a good one!

doris said...

Vile electricians envelop evil dalek powers.


to varnish


Have fun!

Cheryl said...

T’was in the fifteenth century
Monsieur Descarte had fame.
I think therefore I am, quoth he
But acted, all the same

Existence as a point, is moot
A pretty ugly state, to boot
But action causes influence
And that’s another game.


Envelop me in Dalek powers
My electrician mate
So dark and vile, yet I will smile
And shout Exterminate!

(Varnish, gritty & juicy will take some thought and possibly a ‘real’ poem. Watch this space LOL)

doris said...

Ditties on demand I see!

Loved the dalek one :-)

Am looking forward to a juicier one!

Meanwhile, what about:

round (adjective)


Adrian said...

I'm afraid I can not offer you any posting inspiration today - although I do want to thank you for your comment on hot drinks. I have stated your case to my American friends and they seem at least partially convinced (which is quite an achievement).

Many thanks Cheryl, I trust you had a good weekend.

Ally said...

Discombobulate, artichoke, renege.

Ha! :)