14 June 2005

Exclamation Marks Are Girly

This is my conclusion - see previous post.

Multiple exclamation points have their place - in amongst hearts and flowers and smileys and emoticons and xxxx and x0x0x0x0 (to the uninitiated that's hugs and kisses) - in other words 'nice, girly gossip'.

OK when I say 'in amongst', I don't know many who could stand them all at once - but I hope you get my drift. I hesitate to classify (ergo validate) them as a genre.

When used on a fairly serious or businesslike forum, however, they look silly or sarcastic. The Gosh! Honestly! No really! effect that causes a warm giggle in chatty posts transmutes to a demand for attention, a suggestion of outrage or at least foot stomping and/or arm-flailing.

It also matters if they are used at the end of what is obviously a complaint or personal attack. That's exactly what happened before that idiot explained himself by saying that multiple '!'s meant humour.

What he said, in effect was "I turn my back on this thread and look, instead of serving my needs it's been hijacked by X's problem!!! And blah blah rhubarb as well!!!"

That sucks. That's too low to be called sarcasm - he was being an out-and-out drama queen.

So, to answer my own question: do you see the use of multiple exclamations as 1,2,3, or 4 - the answer is Yes!!!!!! All of them, depending.


Morris said...

Interesting post. I've always had trouble with knowing when to use commas.

Ask Morris

Chet said...

Their sure are a lot of Exclamation Marks in your post for a title saying their girly ;)

Cheryl said...

Actually I'm a smiley addict :-)
But didn't want anyone to think I was slagging them off for usings '!'s.

And I see you're a winker! ;-) LOL

doris said...

Ha-ha! I just found you on the BlogExplosion Blog Rocket and clicked on you!!! Notice excessive use of girlie exclamations :-)

doris said...

Cooo-eeee! It's you again! I'm having my morning constitutional and surfing the BlogExplosion and landed on you again! Sorry it's only me again ;-]

Cheryl said...

Shhhh!!!! ROFL. Was going to move my stat counters into the sidebar - now the world will think my numbers are all click -throughs!

Oooh, the shame, the shame......hahahaha :-)

anniebee said...

I'm so glad the Oxford comma got you all going. That was my intention! Actually I looked up recently because I wasn't sure what was 'correct'. Methinks I will be using the 'Correct English' book more than my son! As for exclamation marks, every time I use one now I think of your post, so you've probably curbed my use of them!