04 June 2005

Amateur Transplants

[UPDATE: Northern Birds lyrics HERE, London Underground and other lyrics HERE.]


My sides ache. You HAVE to see this: the home of the Amateur Transplants and particularly London Underground, their wonderful parody of the Jam's 'Going Underground'. That song has made me laugh til I cry.

Health Warning: Do NOT listen to the song Northern Birds (to the tune of More Than Words) if you are female and live or have lived anywhere North of Watford, particularly if you have access to a 12 bore shotgun. For that matter, don't listen to any of it if the idea of qualified Doctors singing very rude words is likely to shatter your view of the world.

Brilliant News: Amateur Transplants have an ALBUM! (I want one, I want one!) It's called Fitness To Practice, costs a measly £6 and is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief.

By the way - to my US readers - I cant speak to the veracity of Northern Birds, but as far as I am concerned (personal opinion, you understand) the lyrics to London Underground are ALL TRUE.

NOTE: If you are wary of downloading an MP3, then Click on Video, here, and then you get to hear it online AND enjoy some very silly accompanying graphics.


Mollenkamp said...

Hi, nice blog. Gotta check out the signing physicians.

Anonymous said...

I have being listerning to them for ages and think they r brilliant. but i wonder if they will bring out the muic (on staves) so that i can learn it and sing along.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics - were finding these!