16 June 2005

Too Many Nice People Here!

One day when I am rich (yeah, money's THAT tight!) first on my to-do list is buy the full blogrolling service, so I can have two lists and keep track of all the nice people who link to me, publicly on my blog.

I LOVE getting comments from new people, don't you? The only thing then is I feel guilty if the conversation sort of fizzles out. Maybe I could open a couple of new Bloglines folders called commenters and 'people who link to me' and just reciprocate for the lot.

Well, now, there's a thought for the day. I have over 100 posts to read back, if I am going to do it properly, so its a BIG thought.



doris said...

I agree so much!

Badaunt wrote on my new blog about the guilt generated..... and you mention it too. I was thinking about that and I think that I have come to a way forward and that is once I have put up a new post that any comments added to previous blogs are now in the past. Move on! (Although I do take links of posters and put them on my temporary blogroll)

If I didn't think that then I'd be in the pits of guilt for not doing this or that.

I've been surfing and putting comments on other people's blogs and I know that I can not keep up with all those blogs and any responses to mine. Isn't there a saying about "once writ" but I can't remember the rest, but I think once you've written it, it's done. Enjoy it for the moment even if that moment lasts a day with some too-ing and fro-ing and then it is time to move on.

Thank you for your excellent blog and inspiring me to do one too :-)

anniebee said...

I use WordPress, and although I haven't entirely figured out the links manager, I keep a list of blogs on my links page, which isn't necessarily the same as my blogroll. The main reason why I stick with Blogrolling is that it shows updates. Must investigate Bloglines....*mutters to self*