30 June 2005

Making The Most Of It

Got vertigo. Not the tinnitus anymore, thank heaven, phantom tube trains are so, so boring. Just the after-shock wobbles.

Got tablets for it.

Got no hope of a scintillating or even naff idea for a post, but I am having fun, now I am home, the kids are home and I can't fall over any morebecause I'm sitting down already.

All day its been like 'Woah! Turn the bloody fairground ride off!'

Now I can vegetate in a corner whilst my darling husband takes over with a heroism to rival Batman, well now it's all a good laugh.

It's like being on pre-meds on the trolley to surgery, that sort of spaced 'Wheee-heeee' sensation, except I'm not going anywhere. This is the way to (not) travel. Definitely.

It's like getting off the Wall of Death at the fairground, when your left foot wants to walk right and your right foot wants to walk left.

It's like that wonderful feeling as a kid when your dad let you play aeroplanes by swinging you round in a circle holding you by one hand and one foot, til you were fast enough to feel like you were flying.

Oh, OK, maybe that was just me then.

Still, I'mm alrrrrrrrrright, Jack. Not a drop of the jolly juice in the whole house, but I'm here in the corner having my own little party, courtesy of the lack of um, err, thingummy, blood (thats the stuff) to my ears. Or possibly my brain. So there you go.

Smile! You're not on Candid Camera, and that's good!


anniebee said...

I hope you feel better soon Cheryl. *Big hugs*

doris said...

What a funny post for a not very funny feeling! I hope things slow down and get in synch soon.