18 June 2005


It's Saturday, a.k.a. shopping day, library day, school uniform laundry day, gardening day and two kids killing each other and moaning 'I'm bored' and 'It's not fair' day; all the way to 7pm and Doctor Who. It's the last episode of the series today, so I'm told, and I am already dreading next weekend if theres nothing to replace it and hypnotise the kids into silence.

To cap it all off, its sunny, and my darling husband has visions (hot from his own little cloud in la-la land) of us all going out together and 'doing' something.

So, I guess I am off to be mother, nurse, mediator, judge, jury, peacekeeper (yes probably US style, with a gun), pack horse and general tent-post.

One of my favourite sayings - If your tent only has one pole, look after the pole.

This pole would really like to collapse sometimes, just to teach them a lesson, but the little angels would crawl out from under the canvas and go do something else, whereas I would still be snapped.

Another saying - chin up, smile and drown with dignity.

Good 'ere, innit.

So, whats the weather like where you are?


doris said...

I hope you don't read this comment until you get back much later on having had a wonderful day out as a family!

You are near the South Coast aren't you? Ooo! I'm jealous. No 5 hour traffic jams to get to the coast and you must know all the side roads.

I know that feeling when someone has that "let's do something together" feeling! OK when it is you but slightly scary when someone else has it. When it is yourself, you take responsibility and cover all bases, and when someone else has it you just know, as you do, that you have to cover all bases without the privelege of actually knowing what is supposed to be happening or being prepared.

We have glorious warmth too. But no sea-side :-(

PS. And don't start me on Dr Who. That has to be my next blog subject.

Ally said...

Yes, hope you have had a lovely day out. It's been really warm here - I have been putting up curtains, continuing building my wall and generally cleansing the house so that it's not a health-hazard for the lodger. Would rather have been an auxiliary tent-post for you :)