21 June 2005

I Have To Blog This

Someone's just swept through my site via Google, looking for the lyrics to the very rude song Northern Birds (<--- link to the lyrics) by Amateur Transplants (<--- link to their site).

This is nothing unusual, it happens two or three times a day. What tickles me pink is that the ISP for my latest visitor was the Hungarian Ministry Of Culture And Education.

Now THAT's worth blogging. Or, at least it would be if the visitor was some or other Civil Servant on official business. More likely it was a bored school teacher, but hey, their fame has obviously spread.


anniebee said...

Nice to know your fame has spread as far as Hungary! Must go and check my stats....

doris said...

Ho-ho! Brilliant :-)

I should thank you because Aunty Whiplash got me my first Yahoo search result ..... for buxom+aunty

aunty from my mentioning Aunty Whiplash and buxom from a slightly rose coloured description of myself!

Cheryl said...

Hmm, even comments can do it. Courtesy of Bulb I got a hit from a search for something like Hot-Fuck-Sex - he'd had three similar and listed them here!
Tut, guess I'll get another one now :-)

bulb said...

You're welcome. Glad to oblige.

Just to make you feel good:

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Cheryl said...

Hahahaha! Touche!