07 June 2005

Dear Prudence - a mini bio

I 'host' the comments on this site and having a very good friend who is currently being harrassed for 'hosting comments' on the forum she runs, I have decided to clarify my understanding of who Dear Prudence is.

This is the person that Slate magazine cites on it's staff page, so far as I can ascertain from that and other information published on the web.

Like I said, a short bio:

Margo Howard, nee Lederer born in 1950 to Jules Lederer and his wife Esther Pauline, nee Friedman. The marriage broke down in 1975 after 36 years, due to Mr Lederer's ongoing infidelity.

Margo is also divorced and presently married to Dr Ronald Weintraub.

Esther Pauline Friedman and her twin sister Pauline Esther (born 1918) both grew up to be advice columnists - Esther (Eppie) took over as Ann Landers in 1955, whilst her sister Pauline (Popo) became known as Abigail Van Buren, 'Dear Abby'. You could say that Margo went in to the family business.

Margo will celebrate her 55th birthday some time this year but I was unable to find the exact date.

Happy Birthday, Prudie, whenever it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your blog. Margo Howard has been married 4 times, not 2. You can find this info several places ~one being the last book Ms. Howard wrote and published, "Letters From my Mother".

Cheryl said...

I shall tweak the post right now.