01 June 2005

I've Been Published?

Fiona MacLachlan-Morris over at the new poetry site Pocket Full Of Poesy selected two of my works/poems/pomes/thingummies to feature in the first edition!

It is strange to see my old stuff sitting there in the middle of some serious quality - no ditties or limericks there, this month anyhow. All the rest is very professional, beautiful, even when set beside a work by Christina Rossetti - there to set the mood; this month definitely seems to have a theme.

Gosh. Wow, even. Does this mean I've been published?


1 comment:

FMM said...

Thanks for your lovely words both for the magazine and here. I'm realy pleased the poems are all of a really high standard and although there aren't many it's a good way to start. Thanks so much for the link and the support.