09 June 2005

From Aunty Whiplash - P.S. To Doris

Dear Doris

You wrote to me in the comment section of a recent post, Arguing With Dear Prudie.
I in turn responded here, explaining that you may be lacking the right gimmick for a career in porn movies.

I am now pleased to inform you of another option, although Mad Baggage herself is none too pleased at how this information came to light.

To explain briefly; this blog has a second stat counter now, one that lists keywords used in search engines and the URLs of referring pages.

Today someone made it to a previous post entitled Blogging the Dogging, a lighthearted scoff at dodgy car-park trawlers. This is not a problem, nor is the fact that the visitor was looking for company rather than derision and hung around for exactly zero seconds.

No, what infuriated dear M B (odd woman) is that the referring link was a page on a swingers site. Yes, MadBaggage has been listed amongst "other sites that cover the same subject" (quote) on a site called swinger-personals.co.uk .

Worse, the page she appears on, so unwillingly, is the search page for information on Granny Dogging. She is trying to dig a hole to hide in as I write, and I have had to lock the spade in the garage. I may shortly have to rush off to rescue the last of the soup spoons.

I do appreciate that your interest was very much to do with the potential earnings and that dogging is regarded by its supporters as pro bono work. However, if you fancied honing your skills with an audience or establishing a local fan base, then I thought you might like to know that apparently there ARE young men seeking just such an opportunity, enough to have their hobby given its own page.

If it was discovered that you intended this as a career move, then I do think you should probably consider Public Liability Insurance.

Which makes me wonder, if a dogger caught a disease in the pursuit of his hobby, in a council car park generally accepted to be a meeting point for such activities, could he/she sue the Local Authority?


Aunty Whiplash

UPDATE! Further to this post Doris has indeed set up her own fantasy weblog, 'Grans on Bran'. Well they do say that bran gets you going. Check out her first post! I wonder if she'll consider guest submissions?


Doris said...


ROFL and ROFLMHO (I think that's how it goes)

Brilliant research and certainly something to consider, especially from such an authority on dogging as you are :-)

Maybe I should start a blog for my fan base. Hmmm. I wonder what I could call it?

anniebee said...

LOL!! I love coming to your blog. you make me smile! Have a great weekend! *Hugs*

doris said...

Guest submissions? Do I need gloves? I'm game...

PS. Annie - I agree :-)