28 June 2005

Whateva Sista

So impressed by Jonathan's latest post 'A rose by any other name' that I might try and turn it into a meme - he has descriptions and photos of all the people he could find online who share his full name. Very funny!

What do you think? Mine all seem to be scientists and porn stars, so finding the piccies might take some research.

In the meantime I am taking Steve's lead, at Wittering Heights, by doing the following Birthday Quiz.

Of course I didn't use my real age, as not too many people will believe an old Welsh witch even when she's honest, and 463 AD was a boring year to be born, anyhow.

You entered: 1/31/1961

You were born on a Tuesday
under the astrological sign Aquarius.
Your Life path number is 4. Wrong, its 22. 22 and 11 don't get broken down any further.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2437330.5.
The golden number for 1961 is 5.
The epact number for 1961 is 13.
The year 1961 was not a leap year.

As of 6/28/2005 10:09:48 AM CDT
You are 44 years old.
You are 533 months old.
You are 2,317 weeks old.
You are 16,219 days old.
You are 389,266 hours old.
You are 23,355,969 minutes old.
You are 1,401,358,188 seconds old.

There are 217 days till your next birthday
on which your cake will have 45 candles on it. Err, no. I won't.

Those 45 candles produce 45 BTU's,
or 11,340 calories of heat (that's only 11.3400 food Calories!) .
You can boil 5.14 US ounces of water with that many candles.

Your birthstone is Garnet
The Mystical properties of Garnet

Garnet is used as a power stone
Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewlers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources)
Emerald, Rose Quartz Aww I hate rose quartz. Bloody girly, insipid, milk and water, Little House On The Prairie, pull-my-strings-my-eyelids-bat bloody stone. Puke.

Your birth tree is
Cypress Tree

The Faithfulness - Strong, muscular, adaptable, takes what life has to give, happy content, optimistic, needs enough money and acknowledgment, hates loneliness, passionate lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered, unruly, pedantic and careless. Yup, all true. Except for the happy content. My ham sandwich I had for lunch doesn't seem to be that happy about it.

There are 180 days till Christmas 2005!

The moon's phase on the day you were
born was full. Born on a full moon, eh? Is that why 13 is my lucky number? Thought not. Tuts, how boring - I don't even howl..... much.

So, what's yours?


quietlyshouting said...

Hi Cheryl, I keep seeing you over at Ally's so I thought I'd drop by!

Your blog does make me giggle, apart from the merkin picture which is downright scary.

Cheryl said...

Hahahaha! Agreed, its gross, isn't it?
Couldn't resist linking to that picture though, just because its so unbelievable! :-)

Badaunt said...

Waxing crescent, and wtf is a citrine? Sounds like a lemon to me.

(Don't tell anybody, but we're the same year. But how come our Julian calendar years are so different? Mine is 2437612.5. What does it MEAN?)

Cheryl said...

were you born around 01 Nov? Sounds like it counts in days, (612-330)/31 = about 9 months!