13 June 2005

Private Comment

Dear Man
You know who you are. :-)
Thanks for reciprocating. Yes it is completely understandable. A person's spiritual beliefs are the ones which they demonstrate in their choice of politics, reactions, steps - never mind what they pay lip service to. Perhaps religion is the path of understanding what you already hold true and developing or changing that, or simply unscattering it.
I am not a buddhist but could liken God to a ('The') prayer bowl, and think I have heard him ring (or should I say experienced, lived through, travelled on?) Words get in the way of a truly holistic experience.
Why did that other poster think that Monotheism, pantheism and animism are exclusive to each other? Odd. Christianity, for example, teaches about God, plus powers and dominions. The Roman who understood heirarchy and told Jesus he could 'say the word' for a healing instead of going in person was commended.
P.S. Brilliant post - I love it when I am right about someone - lots to learn there. Another time?
Going away now before the Aquarius-Capricorn thing adds misunderstanding LOL!

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