26 June 2005

Free Association 125

My instant answers to LunaNina's word association game for this week:
  1. Useless:: Idiot, broken, stupid, pointless, wasteful
  2. Radiant:: Smile
  3. W:: What? MacDonalds lifted up by a Wizard of Oz style tornado and landed upside down - yay hurray.
  4. Unpaid:: Act of love
  5. Geek: Male, obsessive, intellectual, shy, orderly, outcast, nice.
  6. Unfaithful:: dissappointing, painful, selfish, spoilt, despicable, scum
  7. Reboot:: crash and burn
  8. No!:: The word that runs round my head some days, all day.
  9. Squad:: Horrible American word we don't use here thank you very much. God squad
  10. Fetish:: childhood psychological pre-programming to hanker for a missing element of infant safety that manifests in a way current society thinks of as kinky or unusual.
I can hear you muttering about those answers but am belligerent today, so, what?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting answers, I can relate to some of them.