29 June 2005

Flippin' Kids

We don't have a car, we don't even have a dishwasher, but we are a five computer family.

Gary's laptop 'for work' is the latest addition, but generally there is either a new computer or a new upgrade coming into this house, every two to three years. Yes things die on their feet and get consigned to the scrap heap, but what survives gets passed down the family in bits or as a whole.

What that currently means is that Imogen, the youngest at 8, has finally decided she wants to do more than play with Word and Paint, but her dinosaur 486 can't cope. She fell in love with Dogz and Catz but can only play the game on her brother's machine.

Today, after school, she beat him to it, off to see whether her dogz had produced puppies yet, although he wanted her off his machine without a fight.

What did the little bleeper do? He looked her straight in the eye and swore blind that there were pets that needed looking after, in Command & Conquer, Yuri's Revenge, and she believed him and let him change the game.



percys world said...

one nice person saying hi.lol
great site.

bulb said...

That guy has a grrrrrreat future ahead of him.

As labour prime minister.

Milt Bogs said...

Hi. I corrected the Zaza to Zazza. Don't want to annoy the lady. What's a dishwasher?

jane said...

i vote for the dogz & catz!! did the dog have puppiez yet? what did she name them???