23 June 2005

I Am Skivvy, See Me Roar!

If you come to this blog deliberately then you know me - no self control!

If I get a bee in my bonnet or an itch to scratch (anywhere), this is where I spout forth about it.

Okay so yesterday's post was an experiment in being newsy, that failed miserably. In fact it was a thought I had had for a while now and the first one that came to the fore as a sorry excuse for a post when I was on here just past midnight. The reasoning went that I could blog something and then I'd done my post for the day, could crawl off to bed, get up and concentrate on real stuff like climbing out from under the pile of rubbish that is my house.

Yup, its a bomb site. A war zone that the rest of the family ticks and tuts over whilst cheerfully adding to. Its their shit and I was going to let it rot until they got the point, but I have to live, breathe and think in this house, so am taking my own advice, times three, even though its going to have to be carrier bags, not boxes, and I'm going to have to wash any surfaces when I've rediscovered them under the detritus.

Big job. Yesterday I fell at the first hurdle. Now I have had twelve hours sleep I am a force to be reckoned with and back on track.

So. I could have just said 'Hi all, I have things to do and won't be around for a day or so' - but as I said, no discipline. So I might be.

If a post turns up or my blog goes funny colours, just sigh, roll your eyes, and know that I am having a break, aka procrastinating. Otherwise I have my land girl hat on - moving tractors and heifers and generally doing my Stromboli-with-boobs routine. You wouldn't want to see. Not unless you have Betjeman's fancy for that sort of a girl (no, bloody well go and google, I am NOT hunting you a link!)

If you did stand and gawp, I'd probably pick you up, rub you all over with bleach and disinfectant and you'd end up in a box in the garage.

And knowing Bulb and Milt, I probably shouldn't have said that.

Ta-ta for now!


Milt Bogs said...

Keep me from Thelma's sister Pearl!
She puts my senses in a whirl,
Weakens my knees and keeps me waiting
Until my heart stops palpitating.

Ally said...

I like yesterday's post, I didn't think it was a failure at all! Good luck. And when you're done there, want to come round here? I'm doing much the same sort of thing in our office - getting rid of the rubbish before we move up in to our about-to-be-created attic office. I've just found three boxes of stuff that haven't been unpacked since we moved in two years ago.

bulb said...

When you're finished, could you come over to my place? I mean single male living alone, working full time......
I never did get that cleaning-up shit right.

and yesterdays post was good.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Nothing like a good ta-ta!

Badaunt said...

I am inspired to emulate you. The mess around here has to be seen to be believed.

I think I'll start with the 12 hours sleep thing.