25 January 2006

Wake Up Call

ROFL. My head is in such a spin that I have forgotten why I chose this title, when I first decided to 'do a quick post' over an hour ago.

Oh yeah, maybe that's why.

I really need to start carving my time into chunks again.

The kids are getting antsy at the time I spend on the computer (I wouldn't slope off to the darn thing if they weren't totally involved in their own stuff in the first place - but no, I guess I'm meant to be on call.)

I have all these T-shirt slogans whipping round my head (and yes my mind works in a way similar to Zilla's), so I'm imagining innuendo so the T shirts can be worn in front of the pure of heart without causing offence, yet aren't so tactful that nobody at all gets the point.

Have you seen the one with a lollipop on it and the slogan 'It aint gonna suck itself'? Marketing genius. Thats the level I seem to be aiming for.

Then I joked with ME Strauss that I wanted to be an honorary member of the SOBs and she offered me full membership. I feel neither successful nor outstanding (least of all successful) so in the past two or three days I doubled my readership. Bloody Statcounter went on the blink and didn't pick up the figures, but Webstadt did, and they are picky. They only list figures for individual visitors, not pages views nor return visitors.

I've got enough out of them to know I doubled my readership and enough out of statcounter to know that I seriously reduced my returners and page turns.

So. It wasn't worth it, but heres how you do it, if numbers are worth more to you than friends: Go to MSNBC Newsweek, read the top story, read a couple of the related front page stories, and do a post linking to them all. Newsweek has a Technorati link page showing what bloggers are saying on the subject and as long as you are among the earliest or most recent to post on the matter, people click through in tens and hundreds. They don't stay, they don't come back, but they click through.

Meanwhile, if your indepth political hot potato of choice doesnt suit all of your regulars, you slowly lose the guys that matter - especially if you have a brain warp like I did and post on the exact same subject three days in a row. Hic dur blurble and sorry.

Anyways, I feel equipped to take advantage of ME's lovely offer now, because I've done 'successful' as defined by page ranking systems etc - I just didn't like it.

The BIG NEWS today (and the reason I went off on one about education) - I got an unofficial phone call from the County Council this morning, to tell me that, owing to additional information provided by the Educational Psychologist, panel had looked again and were going to give my son his special needs statement after all. WHOOPEE!!!!!

Of course it has nothing to do with me standing in the school office for two hours yesterday, photocopying evidence for a tribunal. Of course not. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we are all happy to breathe a sigh of relief and put the last three or four years of shenanigans down to a communication error, because that ways its nice to everybody and everybody can be nice to each other.

Well I say that, but theres no way in hell that I am going to let go off my right to tribunal until I see what support they have put in place. If it still runs short of what the school thinks he needs, then I may just keep on keeping on.

So - T-shirts, visitor numbers, accolades and the bizarre sensation akin to putting down a heavy bag (my brain and my arms feel all floaty) are the things that have amused me today. Them and eating constantly, for something to do, to contain the excitement.

OK so I COULD have written a formal letter, paid a couple of bills and filled in a couple of essential, date-specific forms by now. For could, read 'should'. I guess I will have to do all that in the next two hours, so the kids don't berate me for still being on the computer when they come home.

But I think I'll just go and have another cup of coffee and another slice of toast, first........................

P.S. The image has no relevance AT ALL. I just like it. It makes me feel better.


doris said...

Oh wowee - he got his statement! That is good and well done. But you are right to wait and see and make sure it covers what is needed but at least it is in the right direction.

I hope you are getting on with you need to and not being diverted ;-)

ME Strauss said...

Ths is such a weird time of year. I've given up on readers and trying to get some. I think you're successful and outstanding as a person.

Just another American Expat said...

Well, I bet the folks in the school office got a nice little “wake up call”.

Badaunt said...

Yay! It's about time, too.

I love the poster. I want one. My life is not empty, oh no, not at all. And I have PROOF.

bulb said...

I'd love my counter to go crazy like that, but I do have my standards. I refuse to blog about current affairs.
So it's back to sexual frustration, booze, religion and depression.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased for you that you got what you asked for from the education system...It makes a change (although Imay just be being a miserable cow). I was just wondering whether you could provide a link to an aspergers info site? If you have done and I'm being daft sorry!

Rain said...

I love those old housewife pics because they are always doing the house work in heels. Going to go clean the tub now. Ooops, first I have to put on a dress, hose, heels and a nice strand of pearls. Whopppeeee!

bart said...

oh dear, you're coming down with the same forgetfullness i've already got...

i know the feeling a bit... spending half the day chasing red herrings and feeling a bit guilty about it afterwards...

long live procrastination and distraction :D

zilla said...

Hugs! See what happens when I neglect you for a while? Good stuff!!! As Doris said, a step in the right direction.

fineartist said...

I am so relieved to read that your son was approved for his statement. Fantasmic news, absolutely.

My kids rag me about being on the computer too, but not like the man does. I think he’d like to take a hammer to it….or me.

I’ll be back this weekend to get caught up with everyone. Work, it has me by the marbles, if I had marbles….-

Le laquet said...

Wonderful news! See, wouldn't it have been less stressful if they'd done that in the first place!

Speaking of t-shirts ....have you seen Half Moon Bay at Rosie Nieper ~ blinding!

Cheryl said...

Ooh thanks for that Le Laquet.

I've used those images myself before - they're all on posters and magnets from allposters.com.

I'd be more inclined to make my own the same than buy someone else's, provided that means theres no copyright on those pictures.

Carol said...

Glad to hear Son got his statement. About time too!

You have readers, and we are faithful - not like these fly-by-night one-offers who only come in for the cheap thrill ;-)

Milt Bogs said...

Good luck with the statement. I suspect it's easier to issue one than to honour it.