03 January 2006

Cork and Cupboards (the kinds with skeletons in)

Firstly a quick thankyou to Gareth Wyn who says on his blog profile that he works in Information Management for the Government, but then says he is (quote) "aka a Librarian".

Definitely gay, (which is annoying because he's very good looking in a Rock Hudson rugged and square jawed sort of a way.) The sweetest, funniest thing about straight men is the way they will big-up their job titles and would die sooner than run them down. Heterosexual man can't seem to grasp the concepts of humour or self deprecation in relation to work. It takes a sister.

Anyway, Gareth ever so tactfully pointed out a huge flaw in my understanding about cork. I researched better. I came up with THIS. I am still confused.

Still, when I am better off and able to be selective about wines (instead of downright grateful) then I shall probably only buy something with a traditional cork in the bottle. Stripping cork apparently doesn't harm the trees or the wildlife, but using plastic does, in a roundabout way, because the forest owners give up and chop all their ancient cork trees down to plant something more lucrative.

Apparently there are only 150 Iberian lynx left and they live in...... (tanaaa!)....... the cork forests.

Buy a bottle with a cork in it - do your bit to save the lynx (and yes for someone who is still researching this, I do sound like a total convert.)

Secondly - Bulb has tagged me with a challenge which I am sorry to say, I refuse.

The first three rules are:
1. The story has got to be about your family, (In-laws count,) or your closest friends. (You gotta have slept with at least two of them.)
2. The story has got to be real and unembellished. (We have our ways of checking it.)
3. The story has got to give a "Oh my God no wonder you're so fucked up!" effect.

Bulb, I could do one or two really evil, fictional posts, it would be fun. The trouble with doing a whole month's worth is it would be not so much emotionally, but physically taxing. I also refuse to join in with the reality of it. There are things I would say to someone face to face that I would not leave on the internet to be found by those who would be hurt by them, or worse, those that would use them. I guess my problem is that I don't need to dig very deep.

So, I am a big wuss who's not playing. If, however, this sounds more like fun to you, and you feel like playing, then run over to Bulb's and tell him!


Rain said...

Yes, that worries me, hurting someone. I am thinking of a way to do it without directly naming, fictional, but yet true. ME, you always hit the darn nail on the head don't you?

Writer Mom said...

You have to have slept with at least two of them? Family, in-laws, or closest friends?

I'm out. Or have I been missing out?

Library Lady said...

I dunno about his not wanting the fancy job title having much to do with his sexual identity. Most of the librarians I know are PROUD of being librarians and find the title "information manager" to be pompous twaddle.

(And 'tis true, most of the male librarians I have known are gay. My former boss's husband used to joke he was the ONLY straight male working at the Central Library in New York City. And I believe him!)

zilla said...

Interesting about the corks -- I would have guessed the harvest to be harmful.

Having met a couple of vintners by now, I understand the reason for the switch is the cost of cork vs the cost of plastic stoppers or metal caps. Naturally, for the vintner the choice is about profits.

If I buy a mediocre corked wine as opposed to a mediocre plastic plugged or metal capped wine, I will pay up to $2 more per bottle. Wino that I am, I'll be spending upwards of $600 more per year in order to be conscientous. Ouch.

Well, crap.

What are the environmental ramifications of gin? Anybody know?


Gareth said...

Gosh I just discovered tthat I have been maed in a blog by someone I've not met. And likend to Tock Hidson too.