05 January 2006

Poetry Challenge Day

Its been a while!

Commenters please leave three words that you think would be really hard to combine into a poem. If someone else has left three words already and you fancy playing along - please do! I will pull the best out into another post alongside my own efforts.

To quote Blue Peter (and yes skill-wise its on a par, if you remember the yoghourt pot bucket chairs for Barbie and all the other dangly, wobbly things with bits stuck on,) 'heres one I prepared earlier'.

I faced my deepest darkest fear.
I tore at it with angry rage
And gifted him the awful truth
with venom dripping from the page.

I swore him then to secrecy,
To keep the horror firmly hid,
And waited for the sky to fall;
Was startled when it never did.

How much I wish that only I
could stand or fall if all were known,
For freedom's thrill, it beckons me
(to stand in light for all to see
and shout the truth to set me free)
But still this is not mine alone.

I want to tell the world, I do,
I want the chapter dead and gone,
But some I love seek shadows, still,
And so the waiting must go on.

Uhoh - rough, huh? Now lets see how much worse I can get or if I'm just rusty.........

No three words there, just in honour of Bulb's challenge and all the people who have taken it up.

Right, I'm ready to play - please?


Ivy said...


Cheryl said...

I had to get the Camera out,
The mattress was a sight,
Being full of squashed tomato
Where the veggies had a fight.

Or something.

Thanks Ivy!

Kim said...


omg, have fun.

Cheryl said...

Perhaps a blend of 'splash' and 'surge'
A shopping spree is called a splurge
But so is what your acne does
If squeezing it explodes the puss
But now I'm really coming close
To being quite completely gross.

Sorry - went a bit brain dead there.

doris said...

Have you got time for another before the kids get home....


Annie said...


The first three words that came into my head!

Cheryl said...

The chariot was smelly
for Claudius, the lout,
Had spilled his pot of yogurt, then
Refused to wash it out.

Thanks Cat!

Doris knows me! That is one evil set of three she has set (Thank you Doris!) and I will have to mull it over.....

Cheryl said...

The glorification of English, it seems
Includes the vernacular phrase as it's used.
Instantaneous joy may be had by the boy
Whose loquacious retorts leave the adults bemused.

Oooh Eck
Thanks D, and before I run for the kids at that! (Just...)

doris said...

Sounds like my son! His play with words does my head in and leaves me rather bemused. And I know the sod enjoys that!

Well done - very hard.

Very curious poem in your post. The darkness and the hidden secrets speaks to me.

Writer Mom said...

Cheryl! You're amazing! Seriously. You need to put up a little cyber-hat for donations.

My favorite was about Claudius's smelly chariot. I couldn't sleep last night, so suffered through Brad Pitt's Troy (again, for the third time--what's wrong with me?) Often when Brad...Achilles, I mean, is traveling around in his chariot, he makes a face that suggests he has smelly yogurt in his cart. Perhaps that's how he was directed...
"Brad...Achilles is very tortured in this scene between vengeance and compassion...When vengeance overcomes him, we want you to make the smelly yogurt face. Got it?"

How about:


Cheryl said...

Transcendental meditation (or if Japanese, then Zen)
Helps the soul avoid the circus that is life with mortal men
And although I rather fancy chilling out, I cannot rest.
I'm dependant on my caffeine (cappuccino is the best!)

Thanks for the compliment WM, but I think the only redeeming feature of these ditties is that they can in part be excused for being quick-fire.

As to a donation bucket - ooh I could use that! Maybe I should have one anyway? ROFL

Annie said...

I love the Claudius poem!

Fuckkit said...


My three favorite words.

Yes, I have favorite words.

Cheryl said...

Or, as the Vicar's wife said with her mouth full - Fuckit and fee

Will enjoy
Can't promise!

Cheryl said...

Trigonometrical functions, I find,
Are fun! (no they're not) Yes they are! (they're a bind.)
No I'm not schizophrenic, the voices I hear
Are hallucinogenic, from mushrooms and beer.

(Sorry. Its 11.30 pm over here.)

Le chameau insatiable said...

wow, you're good !!!

3 words I recently learned (and enjoy):

Writer Mom said...

Fantastic. I've linked you.
I'll be hounding you for a signed copy, as well.

Cheryl said...

Hey Chameu
Just found your comment (got kids to school - hurray!) - let me grab a coffee.

Cheryl said...

Perusal of my psyche would befuddle any soul
As I haven't got a life path and I haven't got a goal
I'm not a brazen hussy and I'm not a silly moo
Amd I'm not completely fussy, I just don't know what to do!

zilla said...

Still playing, dear? Or am I too late?




(I love it when you do this trick!)

Cheryl said...

Days late but irresistible!
Found it now, so gimme 5.......

Cheryl said...

I met a circus roustabout
Alarmingly loquacious,
But prudently, I'll not repeat
the things he said - Good gracious!

zilla said...

You're amazing.

Five new questions? Really? If so, I'm going to have to put some thought to it this time ...

Cheryl said...

Touche Zilla!
Fair game - I will play and be honoured, if you can really be bothered to think them up.

Bugger I REALLY didn't want that to look like it nearly rhymed.

Ivy the Goober said...

Cheryl I just now made it back around to check this out and all I have to say is WOW! You're so cool!