14 January 2006

Doing My Head In

I don't normally, even on my most hyperactively bored weekends, blog four times in one day.


CJ is doing my head in.

Alright, I'm probably mucking with his chemical balance too, because I normally read his stuff; posts, comments etc, over Husband's shoulder, and have never actually logged in to say 'Hi' before.

I've posted on one of his blogs (the link above) several times today and I don't want to begin to imagine what sort of first impression that gives.

The thing is, he's set a quiz and I LOVE QUIZZES! He has quoted ten sets of lyrics from ten movies or stage musicals and asked for the name of the film or show that each one comes from. I am soooo completely stuck on number three, in spite of him extending the lyrics sample there for more of a clue.

So: here are the words; do YOU know?

Within these walls our highest goal is to maintain decorum
Your head held high, your shoulders back, your carriage civilised
Don’t express opinions, Learn to be a wife
Think of the joys of Marriage, Poise and Carriage
Every day the teaching seems more trivial
How to saunter, courtsey and recline
Can't we all discuss the great philosophers?
No! Instead it's how to walk in line
Far beyond the city gates
Home is where my lover waits
Instad its manners, Breeding,
Pleading to be dead
HEEEEELP! I don't want to win any more, I just want to know the answer. Obviously, given the inherent sexism, its historical, what with women having to do what they're told and steering clear of brain-taxing concepts. I guess because CJ confirms its historical and courtseys are involved, we are talking anywhere in roughly 500 years from the end of the 19th century back.



Rain said...

I think my record is three times a day.

I don't know a single one of those! I wish I did. I only know the lines from gangster movies.

Le laquet said...

I knew most of the others (I know not a lot of use to you really at this point!) but I haven't a clue on this one!

A historical musical with curtseys? Is that where the clue is?

Mysterious person unrelated to CJ said...

Hmm thats a tricky one. Have you tried Jodie Marsh the Musical