28 January 2006

How Many Swedish Dressmakers can there be in Greater London?

Dear Lady

If you happen to be a dressmaker in London, who has worked on some theatrical productions but also like to make wedding dresses, if you have chestnut hair (or at least reddish- brown) are about 5' 4" and mid 30s; if you like sushi, have a second home east of Stockholm and most importantly flew from Vasteras to Stansted by Ryan-air on the evening of Thursday August 7th 2003 then this is for you.

The charming, world-hopping, wine-tasting journalist who was heavily involved in talking with you until you became separated at Stansted, still, after three years, wants to re-ignite the conversation. (From a safe distance - he mentions a desire to send you a card, but he did say you have a lovely smile.)

Do you know a Swedish brunette dressmaker who fits the description? Do you have readers in the arts, in London? Pass it on!

Thanks to KIM for the tip-off.


Kim said...

(((((Cheryl)))) You are simply the cutest woman I know.

pirano said...

Cheryl and Kim: you two are my second and third favorite women in the world!