08 January 2006

Seriously Weird Dream

I've been getting into the very first basics of Huna, recently. Part of it which makes absolute sense to me is to prep your own subconscious and be ready to watch your dreams.

Boy did I get a weird one last night.

Please do analyse.

I was at war with someone. I assumed it was my husband, certainly there was that element of bonding and closeness that in life only comes with a marriage. He was wrong and bad and had to go, so I marshalled my forces (the kids? Half a dozen trusted warriors? Shadows? I don't know) and we went to unarmed combat, oddly enough, behind the sofa.

I had him; I was up close and personal and he was about to be killed, but 'he' looked me in the eyes, put his hand out (which took some doing, I was on him like glue) and somehow it melted into my chest. When his fist was all under the skin, he stuck a finger out straight into my heart and then withdrew it. Not a drop of blood anywhere, but that was the fatal blow.

I knew the name of the move - "was that the ropeburn?" I asked. He nodded and it was all over, I was slumped down the back of the sofa waiting to die and everyone but him was gone. It actually really physically hurt. I couldn't believe it had come to this, I wouldn't accept that because I had wanted him dead, he could have the audacity to actually kill me instead. It was going too far, you know? Un-called for.

The war, the emotions, the lot were all finished and I was wide eyed and concentrating on the hole in my chest, when he offered me his hand like an old friend, offered to help me get up on the sofa.

"But aren't I dying?"
"Oh, yes, but you may as well be comfortable while you do." He was as gentle as a counsellor or an ambulanceman - disassociated and calm and the kind of person you just take guidance from, no questions asked.

So I sat on the sofa, slumped, concentrating on my breathing and the pain in my chest, but dying seemed to be taking ages. I was weak, I was pretty useless, but I was still there and it was completely confusing. He was sat on the sofa arm, to be with me but not too close. I looked at him and realised he probably wasn't Husband - just someone else that was naturally that close - knew me inside out, and I ought to know just as well.

I remembered a Huna trick for children. When you realise you are dealing with a humanised element of your subconscious, something that's trying to tell you something, you ask them for a gift to remember them by, I guess it's something to help you take the dream into the real world so you can work it out.

In the dream, I asked.

I woke, immediately, to find my arms were so tightly together in front of me that my shoulders were curved forward and my ribcage compressed, which I guess is where the discomfort came from. But I rolled over and went back to sleep convinced there was a fatal piece missing at my centre, taken by an element of myself that I had tried to kill, and that because of that I was mortal.

Answers on a postcard, please.

P.S. Tomorrow's post will be slow and all lower case, owing to the need to use an eraser on the end of a lolly stick, to type using my mouth. They won't even have to sedate me when they bring the straightjacket..................................


Carol said...

I don't 'do' dream analysis (I can't even analyse reality!) but have you seen the last episode of Kill Bill?

Cheryl said...

No I haven't.
Should I, or were you thinking I had incorporated it?

Ooh will have to go google the plot, now.

Kim said...

That sounds like a very disturbing dream. When I have dreams that confound me or cause me to "feel" them, as this one did for you, I force myself to have it again, concentrating on the elements of the dream that bothered me most and then "alter" them to fit my whim. Usually, I end up having incredible sexual encounters, and luckily, Jeff's almost always accomodating if I need to grab him for a quicky in the middle of the night. May not work for everyone, but hey....

You know, this really has nothing to do with a dream analysis, does it? God, I suck.

doris said...

LOL at what Kim has said! :-) Wonderful!

I can't do this justice just now as I have son's hair to plait for school tomorrow, but I will come back to it. Maybe when we have breaks or whatever.

doris said...

Oh my goodness. I have now read it - I knew not to read it until I had the space! (Son is in the shower doing an all-over job whilst washing his hair so I have 20 minutes...)

You know what comes over most of all - this is a dream about love. Love won although you were killed in the process. Maybe it is the death of a set of beliefs or way of life? Maybe you need to let go of the cr*p so that you can let love be the major force?

I can see it is confusing as to whether it is your husband or not. Whether or not, the death blow was to the heart in a very gentle way.

Maybe you are fighting what is actually good for you? You are putting up barriers and saying this or this is "wrong and bad and had to go" when it really it is a friend to you: "he offered me his hand like an old friend".

This is quite a spectacular dream - does your hubby feel vulnerable or a smartie pants now?! :-)

Maybe you just need to stop fighting things in life? Not altogether, just some aspects.

Did you get given the gift you asked for? Maybe the gift was to remember the dream and learn something from it?

And what is Huna.... I see a Google coming up!

Steve said...

Ok, so in an earlier post I said you were not quite nutty enough to be looking on the top deck of the bus for your camel, remember? Yes Ok so I have to appologise, I was wrong. Need any help finding your camel?

Cheryl said...

You were GOING to go help me play guess who, somewhere else....
You dirty rotten no-show - where ya gone?


Nabeel said...

i have an interpretation for your dream. Since you don't want it posted as a comment, where do you want me to send it to ya?

I can email it to you if you want to know. On the other hand, I shouldn't. You sound like a nice person .. but what I plan to tell you is sad.

However, please do not base your actions (in future) on my interpretation

Cheryl said...

Thanks but no thanks Nabeel.

Appreciate the offer.