27 January 2006

8 Traits Of My Perfect Partner

I was tagged by Bart, who was tagged by LizzieDaisy for the following meme.

The tagged victim lists 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner, mentioning the sex of said partner.

I thought I'd give four answers about partner and four about lover, because hell, we're all going to end up incapable eventually, and need someone who doesn't drive us nuts. Then when I got to the assets that actually make someone good in bed, they look like very good qualities for any purpose.



1. Someone who can add up. I'd genuinely sooner live on toast with a man who pays his bills than be wined and dined on a credit card. If you owe (don't own) the money you buy stuff with, then you don't own the stuff. I become like a financial back seat driver and I get acid, if someone robs Peter to pay Paul and expects me to smile appreciatively/complicitly.Thats the really stern one out of the way, but I was married to the other sort once.

2. Someone who loves life. You know, life, like air, views, people, learning something, playing the fool.

3. I have to agree with Bart on this one - an intelligent listener. Don't get me wrong, I love a good argument once in a while, but one where the other person can hear the difference between banter, a real rift and me letting off steam, and can keep up.

4. A team player. Someone who sees 'us' as a partnership on every level, so we both at least know whats going on.

5. Creative

6. Adventurous

7. My equal give or take. I don't want to be harried, but I don't want a walkover either. Nor a clone. You can trust your equal, and trust yourself with them and still learn something.

8. Huggable - which is a cheat's answer as it covers being warm, appreciative, attentive, romantic, honest (dishonest is not huggable) and attractive.


I want to tag bulb but he doesn't 'do' memes, so I tag:
Lady Muck, Ella Michelle, Doris, Steve and Prydwen (that one should be interesting!)

Do please tag yourself but let me know in the comments so I can come and see.


bulb said...

female, nice ass, IQ > 150, no DSM-IV crap, non-muslim, sense of humor, 27-36, no kids

Cheryl said...

Trust you :-D

fineartist said...

Hey Bulb answered your meme. Sheesh, no wonder HE'S single...

What is DSM-IV crap?

I agree dishonest is NOT huggable. Makes you wonder what they are doing while there face is where you can't see it.

And the equel, yes, don't want a man you can wag around, that's for sure. He's got to be able to hold his own, or be eaten alive, here too.

Man I have missed reading your insights...

doris said...

You've tagged me but being a newly wed (we have our 7th wedding anniversary this year) I'd probably just write all the qualities I love in my Mr Doris. So amnot sure if I will be doing it but will let you know. I too would be interested to see what Prydwen has to say.

About your #1 - I can see where you are coming from and agree with that. But I do think cards can be used responsibily so that one can have the occasional wonderful treat and then pay it off. The robbing of Peter to pay Paul is a definite no-no. Cheese sarnies would be preferable to a fake situation.

I love your #4 and #7...

bart said...

excellent list my dear ;-)

i'd agree on all your points really but i had to limit myself to 8 instead of 1162+ (who says i tend to get carried away... humph...)

the one quality which encompasses most of this is tolerance and (self-)acceptance... the rest follows after that

keep well :D

zilla said...

All I really want in a man:

1) notices when the bulb is burned out
2) takes initiative to change said bulb.