28 January 2006

Phunking About

Nope, really sorry, this WAS a music video post.

The video jumped all over the place in my browser so I removed that by giving it zero dimensions. So far, so good.

This did have the unfortunate side effect of doing away with the control buttons and any ability to stop the music.

It's amazing how quickly you can begin to loathe a track after it's kicked in and repeated five or six times. I can't bear it any longer - whoosh, gone.

In it's place however, I can announce that my beloved other has posted his list of 8 traits of a perfect partner/lover, here.

See the comments there; I have adjusted my own list accordingly......


Le laquet said...

I'm hearing music!

Cheryl said...

It had video to 'go with' but it was jumping all over the place on my browser.

Cheryl said...

And an off button - sorry.

Badaunt said...

I'm not hearing anything. Now I'm feeling all left out.

But speaking of not being being able to turn things off... I once installed the 'Viagra virus' on my desktop, just to see what it would do. It was a joke 'virus.' My cursor grew and grew and grew until it was ENORMOUS and DIFFICULT TO CONTROL ha ha ha, very funny! - and then I discovered I couldn't get it to quit because the cursor was so uncontrollable I couldn't get it to click on 'quit.'

Eventually I remembered keyboard shortcuts (duh), and immediately sent the virus to a few Mac-owning friends. Well, wouldn't you?

fineartist said...

Cheryl you and your man are HI-larious.

....a woman with a short memory....yah right. Hahaha, they don't exist.