21 January 2006

Tum-Tum Tiddly-Pom

I was going to do a cop-out post. By that I mean one where I scour the weird news and put a few links and therefore have to avoid being engaging or intelligent on my own behalf.

I've done it before.

For example there's another parrot, called Sunshine, who recently played guard dog and bit a burglar. He lost nearly all his tail feathers in the fracas but won the fight and drew blood.

There's a guard dog, Kodiak, who harried a flock of sheep out of their burning barn in the middle of the night, and saved their lives, getting himself burned in the process.

There's Aochan, the yard-long rat snake who was given a dwarf hamster for lunch and decided to keep it as a pet/companion, preferring to get used to the taste of frozen rat carcass instead.

You don't believe me. Here they are - a proper odd couple.
There are lots of wonderful things happening this month and up to now it was going so well. Normally January is second only to November for the general bleughs, for people being miserable and exhausted and either growling at each other or taking it out on themselves. Oddly, however, so far, this month had been a surprisingly upbeat.

You can't make a New Year's resolution until you have a game plan. You can't make a game plan until you can see the whole board, and the last three weeks have spoken of fresh starts, new understandings and have in general been unusually demystifying.

At worst, people are facing old wounds, hidden niggles, subliminal defence mechanisms yet it is all resulting in a good old spiritual clean up.

So what do I mean by 'up to now'?

So far all the wrong things have been right; does that make sense? Necessary steps toward a positive. Its all been like an early spring clean, and the vibe is that once the fears and tears are shed, we may be in for a long summer.

Today; today, however, it all hit a wall. I changed nothing, learned nothing, was changed by nothing. It was a pottering, dithering, blank, pleasant, 'there it was and there it was gone', kind of a day. I have nothing new that excited me, no memory that I re-evaluated or revalued. Nothing to blog.

I am pleased to say that the situation feels quite bizarre. Pleased because many times, for many people, this is normality. For some reason, this year, lack of a lesson feels....... odd.

(And maybe that's what I was supposed to work out.)


Ally said...

Sometimes, the universe just gives you a rest. Enjoy :).

Writer Mom said...

Well, I SURE learned something today:

God germinates the best seeds in the dark and a new purpose can often begin with the sensation that the whole world is all false walls and no light. Its a necessary part of becoming strong enough to blossom when you're planted out, so hang fire.

Tiddly-Pom, indeed.

You're awesome.
And I'm bummed you didn't get to see the mermaids. I thought it'd give you a chuckle. Dangit.

doris said...

I like what Ally said!

I think you are right - so much is happening just now and to so many people. All this spring cleaning of the soul.


Cheryl, thank you so very much for your incredible support over the last days. You have been wonderful. Thank you. xxx

Cheryl said...

Right, Thumb War!

For those who don't know our Doris off the page, let me say she is naturally the most supportive, encouraging and motivating person, ever. When ever you do something, however small and whoever for, if she sees it theres a 'thank you' or a 'well done'. She builds people up. Take this as an example - I've just keeping on keeping on, being the usual nosy me and doing what I do, liking who I like and spouting off.

And now I am told I am 'incredibly supportive' and 'wonderful'. Supportive for sure, thats what friends are for, although its not like I have physically rushed anywhere to do what needs doing.

Thank you Doris, I am beaming, and my toes are definitely off the ground. I feel all bigged up.

I'll take that compliment, only if you will, too.