22 January 2006

Free Association 155

LunaNina says ... and I think ... ?

1. Alone:: in a sea of faces
2. Science:: playing jigsaws with the world
3. Deposit:: poo. Doggy left a little deposit on the carpet
4. Faithful:: intrinsic
5. Tender:: sore
6. Chocolate:: addictive substance served in a slab of sugar and fat
7. Homework:: Nah this is two words. Depends what you think of home and how you define work.
8. Tamper:: fiddle, pick at
9. Friend:: listener
10. Wire:: handy thin conductive stuff.

Good grief, never mind where my head wasn't when I answered, I wonder where LunaNina's was when she came up with the list?


Ms Mac said...

Hmmmm.... interesting that for you Tender associates with Pain!

Cheryl said...

No, if someone prods a bruise, you say its a bit tender.

Like the way they 'tenderise' meat by bashing the hell out of it, I guess.