26 January 2006

Cheap Petrol

That's not a title you see every day, or at least, as a non-driver, it's not one I've ever noticed.

Even though we are a no-car family, I can still feel irked that, through the power of bulk buying, supermarkets etc sell petrol at a healthy profit. I don't suppose their own transport departments pay the same price that they ask of you and me, the little people. The oil-well owners, refineries and filling stations all take their cut, and the Government adds nearly 70p in tax per litre.

Now there's a chance to claw a little bit back! A bunch of very clever people have come up with the Pipeline Card; a system so genius that it looks simple. Sign up enough drivers to free membership, and then you have enough purchasing power to negotiate a discount for them all with one of the leading forecourt chains - an estimated 5p to 10p per litre. According to the FAQ, 90,000 of the 32 million UK drivers have already opted in.

Completely free, completely worth the effort and completely worth telling all your friends. The bigger the membership, the bigger the discount, I guess.

UK drivers go HERE for more information, or to sign up.


Billy said...

I disagree with all this. I'd prefer to see petrol being more expensive rather than cheaper. The world is already clogged with cars, let's not don't make it easier for them to pollute our air.

And while we're at it, how about some proper taxation on aviation fuel, comparable to that on domestic petrol? Revive the good old British seaside resorts.

She Weevil said...

Thanks for the tip off, Cheryl.

zilla said...

Oh, goody! Blogger is back up and I get to go take your quiz!

Box tops for petrol? It could catch on. Americans are still bellyaching over $2.40/gal, yet no one is giving up his car in favor of more efficient transportation. Pffft.

Cheryl said...

Billy I take your point.

Its quite easy for me, as someone who has never taken a plane, to feel sanctimonious whilst genuinely fearing for the effects of air travel on global warming.

Oil is finite - it will run out, but then our Governments will be forced to look at alternatives or alternative lifestyles.

I do not believe that the political situation will change until the oil is gone, but until then I resent the idea of a few men becoming very rich on the backs of those who have no choice but to buy.

She W - welcome.

Zilla - quiz? Did I skip a page?

If theres 2.2 litres to the gallon, the same amount of petrol over here costs $3.50

jane said...

you find the most interesting things.

Cheryl said...

Just had my maths corrected ( appreciated) so it seems I should have said $7 dollars to Zilla's $2.40.

Unles its way too early in the morning and my brain is fried....

Anonymous said...

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