17 January 2006

Girls Who Do

After the last post and the lack of reaction to the bike reference, I had a word with Steve over at Wittering Heights.

I needed to make sure that the inference and the slang use was at least UK wide rather than just local, but, as Steve is Steve, we ended up having a right laugh and remembering a few more.

Bike is a UK derogatory term for a loose woman. Bike meaning bicycle meaning something everybody has ridden.

You can also be a Martini (anytime, any place, anywhere),
an Arkwright (Open All Hours), or
the local margarine (spreads easily).

I may add to this when I have had a word with my older daughter. Steve and I are of an age and these slang terms mostly seem to have come from TV shows and advertisments that our generation grew up with. I am therefore certain that a whole lot more have come into use since then, names that I don't know about but Big Daughter would.

Still in the meantime here are all the other current and active one-word terms for an easy lay that I can think of:

Scrubber, slag, slapper, slut, tart, tramp, hussy, strumpet, trollop, whore (ho).

There must be more, I must just be having a mental block. So, any ideas?

P.S. I Guess I've just lined myself up for a post on search terms that find my blog. Sad, that. ;-)


The Jamoker said...

I ALMOST said something about a village bicycle...but thought better of it...not sure I could suffer the repercussions...

Cheryl said...

Ha! Repercussions???

Not only do you cast aspersions upon my good character, Sir, but then you suggest this bicycle has no suspension? No shock absorbers? A rough ride perhaps?

Egads this is war.


The Lady Muck said...

To contribute to your list, and not aimed at you of course!
how about skank?

alpharat said...

I know many of those slang terms. I am, however, too polite to use them.

That being said, as far as the bike reference goes, as a mountain biker, we have a certain biking phrase that is also used to apply to women who, if you catch my drift, appear to have a lot of mileage on them.

That particular phrase being, "It looks like she was rode hard and put away wet."

She Weevil said...

Turtle was one of the delightful names sailors called Wrens back in my dim and distant past because once we were on our backs we were stuck there, also splits, matresses and flatbacks.

Anyone would think the navy was full of George Clooney look alikes with women dropping to their knees at a seconds notice.

They are all fairly horrible and derogatory but we were horrible in turn too.

We were supposed to refer to the Women's Royal Army Corps as the W R A C. Of course we never did - always called them WRACS (pronounced racks) because racks get screwed against a wall.

Cheryl said...

My daughter, in a brief phonecall mentioned a few. The only one I can remember right now is double decker bus (20p up top and 50p to ride all the way).

I'm wondering what I've started!

Le laquet said...

harlot, street walker? *admits to being blonde for the 2nd time in a week* I didn't get the bike reference!! *blushes*

Writer Mom said...

Alpharat! You cycling Cowboy.

Subcategory List:...Things that should never be put away wet...So far; horses, bikes, women.

Just so you know, I'm stalling because Lady Muck beat me to skank.

Do you have a copy of She Weevil's autobiography? It's not in paperback over here in the states yet, but I've just GOT to read it.

Steve said...

I did do a reply but i went off on a slight tangent and it was far too long so i put it as a post on my blog.

zilla said...

Note to self: Lady Muck beat Writer Mom to the skank, so don't bother.

Universal Soldier said...

There was one particular girl in Northern Ireland known as Thirsty Kirsty.

Camp Tramp is the more widespread term. My current favourite although it's more to do with looks than 'looseness' is Atomic Mutton.

fineartist said...

May I add skeezoid, and a real Rosita, as in rotten cro...you can guess the rest. My apologies to any Rosita’s out there.

On my way to Steve's...

Dental Dad said...

Back when I used to hang out at the truck stop, the truckers liked the term, "lot lizards" to refer to the ladies that hung out there looking for a ride.